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Best of the Caribbean Beaches

By Joe Churchman

Posted: 13th November 2012 10:29

If the harsh expense of student life has not completely cleared out your bank account this semester, why not escape the trials and tribulations of University with an all-inclusive getaway to the best beaches the Caribbean has to offer?  The beauty of the Caribbean islands is well-known, and their beaches are truly spectacular.  Clear blue skies, calm and clear waters, exotic marine-life and far-reaching sands, all located on islands that are brimming with life and culture.

Reduit Beach – St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s premier beach is located near Rodney Bay on the island’s north coast.  Spend your days at this idyllic beach and admire its smooth white sands and transparent gentle waters.  On any day you can look out across the ocean and see luxury yachts that can be chartered from the large marina nearby.  However, for a cheaper and much more fun option you can hire one of the beaches’ very popular water inflatables.  Hang on tight and experience this unforgettable thrill-ride as you are pulled across the bay at speed via boat. 

What makes Reduit Beach such a popular beach for visitors is its proximity to the island’s vibrant nightlife.  So after you’ve finished your free drinks at the hotel, head on down to Spinnaker’s, the hottest beach bar in town.  The bar offers a beach party atmosphere and late afternoon happy hours with delicious cocktails for next-to-nothing prices.  Finally, Reduit is famous for its view of the stunning St. Lucian sunset, so sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

Pink Sands Beach – Bahamas

There are few places in the world as tranquil as the Bahamas’ ‘Out Islands’.  Amongst these tropical paradises is Harbour Island, and along its eastern coast lies the very unusual beach of Pink Sands (pictured).  This magnificent three-mile stretch gets its name and uniqueness from the florid and vibrant sands that coat its shoreline.  The pink colouring that appears when the sun strikes the sand is a sight to behold, and has been known to attract many celebrities to the island.  The soft, lush surface of Pink Sands is more than matched by its seashore, which is part of the third-largest barrier reef in the world.  The clear and sparkling waters make this the perfect place for snorkelling, where divers can witness some of the island’s exotic marine life.  Use this opportunity to explore reefs and underwater grottos, and get up-close and personal with a range of fish, stingrays and even sharks.

I f you wish to venture outside your hotel after hours, we recommend you pay a visit to the Vic Hum Club, which has a sports vibe.  Its eccentric and friendly owner, know to most as “Hitler”, will more than likely be there to welcome you with open arms.

Maracas Beach – Trinidad

The annual Trinidad carnival is an event that takes place during Easter, all across the Caribbean island.  The carnival’s biggest celebrations take place in Port of Spain; in which revellers take to the streets to enjoy the two-day music and dance festival and parade.  This is perhaps the best time to visit the next luxury beach on our list.  Maracas Beach is a 45-minute drive from the Trinidad and Tobago capital, and the drive itself is packed full with breathtaking views of the island’s landscape.

Maracas Beach stands out from other beaches in the area as it is secluded in a deep cove.  The half-moon hideaway is complete with amber sands, shimmering waters and leaning palms.  If that’s not enough, its backdrop of the Maracas hills makes this beach as aesthetically pleasing as can be.

Playa Dorada – Dominican Republic

Our next beach is the essence of beauty and allure with the name to match.  The Amber coast of the Dominican Republic is covered with golden sand, and Playa Dorada literally translates into “The Golden Beach”.  Why not soak up the sun and look out across this picturesque holiday setting.  Encased in tropical greenery and offering a sublime view of the popular tourist attractive Mount Isabela, Playa Dorada is the perfect relaxation haven.

However, if you want a bit excitement during you’re stay; Playa Dorada has an excellent selection of water sports, with something to suit any price-range.  The beach is known particularly for its snorkelling and scuba diving excursions, which plunge you amongst the corals, where you are able to swim with a spectacular array of tropical fish.  Whether you’re keen on trying as many exciting activities as possible, or want to do absolutely nothing, Playa Dorada gives you the best of both worlds.

Dickenson Bay – Antigua

Unlike many beaches in Antigua and Barbuda which are often rather secluded, Dickenson Bay is a lively alternative for holiday goers to visit.  Take a walk across the whiter than white sands at Dickenson Bay; look out to sea and you cannot miss the mysterious uninhabited islands that stretch across the reef.   Looking inward, the natural beauty of the beach and its surrounding foliage does not disappoint one bit.

Cedar Valley Golf Club is not far at all from the beach, so why not enjoy a round in a setting of sheer beauty.  If golf is not your game, and you wish to get in touch with the culture and history of Antigua, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is a must see.  The museum is placed in the St.  John's Court House, one of the most historical buildings on the island and gives an in-depth look at Antigua’s fascinating history.

Round Up

Sometimes it pays dividends to save a bit of cash, so if your student loan is still ticking over during the Christmas break then why not head out to the Caribbean and enjoy some tropical sunshine.  While booking the hotels and flights doesn’t usually come cheap, once you are there many of these resorts are all inclusive and activities like beach volleyball or sunbathing don’t cost a dime. 

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