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An introduction to Route 66

Posted: 14th April 2016 08:59

Do you want to experience the real America?  How about being a part of the amazing culture and diversity in the land of dreams?  Do you want to be in a place where the people make you welcome and you feel as free as the birds on the open road?  Then Route 66 is for you. 

Route 66, also known as the mother road, is the longest road in America.  The scenic route embraces the wonderful and diverse culture and heritage of America, which is why it is the most popular route in the land where dreams can become real.  The story of America reveals itself on the open road as it stretches through: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 
The route is a fantastic way to experience freedom in America’s diverse and exciting culture, you might even learn a thing or two along the way. 

It’s a journey filled with classic diners, drive-in theatres and odd road-side attractions that you won’t see any where else.  The fun and relaxing atmosphere and unique design of Wigwam Village Motel #6, in Arizona, will make you feel happy when checking out.  Complete with a museum memorabilia you will be able to see what the still famous Route 66 was like back in its day.  Yes, the hotel is actually shaped like a Wigwam!  

Most of us throw away or recycle used glass bottles, even the colourful ones, right?  However, Elmer Long came up with a much better idea.  He decided to use space on his property, in Helendale (Oro Grande,) to build a bottle tree ranch.  This is a really colourful form of art that is also a popular attraction.  Or you can see the colourful and large hit attraction that is the Cadillac Ranch, in Texas, with stretches of Cadillac’s covered in funky graffiti rising majestically out of the ground in a cool piece of modern art.  There are plenty more hit attractions for you to experience throughout the beautiful journey. 

Along the open scenic route you’ll find signs that illustrate the legendary history of Route 66 and friendly folks with stories they are all too eager to share.  Route 66 is America at its purest, and an experience you throw yourself into, come out and want to do it again.  After all, celebrities visit just for fun and this is the only route in the world that’s had legendary songs written about it. 

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