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Amazing Argentina

By Haider Ali

Posted: 4th January 2013 14:48

Argentina is divided up into six tourist provinces that include Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Cuyo, Literol, The North and Patagonia and each and every one of them is worth venturing along to.

Buenos Aires

The most popular tourist sites are the historic ones of the city comprising Montserrat and San Telmo, which were the administrative centre of the old Spanish Colony. The city also contains the Argentina National Congress in close proximity along with “Catedral Metropolitana,” that derives from the colonial period.

At the Buenos Aires Province the Atlantic coast beckons giving tourists the chance to get fresh coastal air down their lungs. Students can have their pick of beaches, the most popular being Mar del Plata.


Favourable weather conditions throughout the year mixed with little towns, scenic beauty, historical antiquities and cave paintings provide an opportunity for families to spend a pleasurable time here. Sierras de Cordoba is home to plains, salt mines, deserts and fertile valleys. This has given way to cattle ranches and that can prove a hit with the kids who are looking to enjoy a day out with the farm animals.


Cuyo is well known for its natural beauty. Tourists should not forget their cameras as Cuyo’s provinces La Roja and San Juan have the highest peaks and snow covered volcanoes in the country. Not to mention the Andes Mountains that have different coloured landscapes shaped by erosion giving way to a spectrum of rock shaped colours.


Literol holds six provinces of its own but is diverse in its own right and popular among tourists. Large rivers make up a vast portion of Literol that create tributaries towards the large Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil. Another key attraction is Virgin forest that is full to the rafter with tall trees and lovely red earth.

The North

The North is a reminder to Argentineans of pre-Columbian cultures that existed prior to colonialism. It’s a land full of gauges and mountains and will again appeal to tourists wanting to continue on an educational journey back to the past of Argentina.


Patagonia is graced with Las Glaciares National Park and the Perito Moreno glacier that is its most popular attraction. Peninsula Valdes is also en route within the region and the most popular place for tourists to visit for the observation of wildlife where Whales and Sea Lions can be seen.


Argentina is unique and the most popular place in South America to visit for tourists because it has everything and I mean everything you could possibly ask for. 

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