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A North American Overview

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 30th November 2012 10:46

Home to the city that never sleeps, the gambling capital of the world and other world-famous attractions like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore, North America really is the place where dreams are made.  Energetic cosmopolitan cities, awe-inspiring natural wonders, significant history, alluring landscapes and diverse cultures are some of the things that make North America like no other continent in the world. 

Vibrant Metropolises & States...

Each one of America’s fifty states is a gateway to different American adventures, surroundings and cultures all waiting for your arrival ready to be explored and discovered in your own ways. 

New York needs no formal introduction.  The city is quite possibly one of the most recognised and splendid cities of the world which boasts a unique and imposing character like no other.  Merely walking amongst the Manhattan skyscrapers and streets and passing the many kinds of people who reside in this multicultural city, is enough for you to experience the lively atmosphere of this metropolis.  

Chicago is as flashy as its Magnificent Mile which is famed for its upscale shopping, world-class dining venues, sophisticated hotels, and regular celebrity sightings.  ‘Welcome to Miami’ – you all know the Will Smith song but Miami welcomes you with open arms, beautiful weather, gorgeous sandy beaches and funky palm trees.  People will think Miami is all fun and games but it is also a financial hub of the world or on the other hand you Las Vegas with its sparkling lights and dazzling energy, gambling and hotels are at the forefront of this extraordinary place. 

Cross the border into Canada and you’ll journey into equally blessed bustling cosmopolitan areas like Toronto which has been said to be one of the best places to live in the world and Montreal where you will experience the “joie de vivre” (joy of living).  Although these places are more laid-back than their southern neighbours, you won’t fall short of splendour in North America, that’s for sure.  But we’d be here forever listing what makes all these individual places great so we’ll let our guide do the talking.

Vast Continent & Countries…

North America is the planet's third largest continent and consists of 23 countries – the largest of which are USA, Canada and Mexico making them the largest countries in the world.  North America is teeming with opportunities for exploration, adventure, fun, and relaxation. 

Prepare yourself to be amazed by taking a trip on a Canadian wilderness trek, gawping in awe at the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon, strapping your seatbelt on for a road trip along the notorious Route 66 which runs between Chicago and Los Angeles or exploring the historical aura of the Maya and Aztec ruins.  And from Toronto's renowned film festival to Mexico City's thriving music scene – North America has something for everyone, bound to exceed all expectations.  

There are many great places in the world and one of them is the shorelines of the Great Lakes in North America which stretches around 10,000 miles, touching eight states in North America and Ontario in Canada.  Whether tourists choose to visit Canada during summer, autumn, winter or spring, they will find activities that are sure to entertain and amuse them.  Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia offer world-class ski resorts.  The Rocky Mountains, CN Tower and Niagara Falls can also be found within Canada’s incredible and expansive country.

Study, Work, Play…

The USA is home to the world’s excellent higher education institutions – American universities such as Harvard and Princeton and Yale are amongst the most well-known for its impeccable academic standards.  North America is a versatile global continent in that it delivers in being a great foundation to not only study but also to work particularly if it isn’t your native place of residence.  Working abroad in a diverse and cosmopolitan like this one, let alone working abroad in general, not only looks great on your CV but opens you up to a lot of new and exciting opportunities which can be life-changing. 

Where to Start…

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific place to begin your journey through North America because each individual will have their own reasoning behind why they wish to visit a certain place first.  It may be down to family, friends or personal choice often swayed by the attractions and activities that would suit that particular individual. 

Everyone usually flocks to the capital city and plans their travels around that area of interest like ‘The Big Apple’ (New York).  There you’ll find yourself in the heart of the US even though the city is technically situated on the east coast.  It’s understandable why people will choose this as their first port of call when visiting the USA with its world-renowned skyline boasting landmarks like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and other attractions like Central Park.  But why jump straight into the action and choose a place that caters to your specific needs regardless of whether it’s a popular tourist hotspot or not.  However, the best places to visit tend to be the less touristy and crowded destinations.  These hidden gems offer you more than you bargained for and make a pleasant change from travelling to the urban run-of-the-mill areas. 

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