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A Foodies Guide to America

By Peter Hinson

Posted: 2nd April 2013 12:31

You probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect food wise in the United States even if you’ve never been before, whether it’s the famous Italy-Via-New York pizza, or simple street vendor Hot Dogs.  Then there are the meals that you may have heard of, but never actually tried or tasted, like a Philly Cheese steak or a Reuben Sandwich. 

You’d be hard pressed to walk into a bad pizzeria in New York; you can buy a world class slice of pizza on almost any block within the city’s five boroughs.  Choosing which pizzeria is the best in the city is an argument that can separate families and end friendships, but the countless accolades, and long queues outside of Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn don’t lie.  The success and quality of their pizza is all due to famed owner and chef Domenico DeMarco.  Every pizza is personally handmade by DeMarco himself, he is so vital to the restaurant that they don’t even open if he ever takes a sick day.  The grated mozzarella and fresh basil pizza is made with imported ingredients straight from Casapulla, Italy.   The price is $5 dollars a slice, and the pizzeria is so popular that you may find yourself waiting as long as two hours, but it’s all worth it once you take that first mouth-watering bite.  They serve gold standard slices of pizza, and you’d struggle to find anything like it anywhere else. 

For the best Philly Cheese Steaks you of course have to go to Philadelphia.  Pat’s King of Steaks has made the East Coast classic their speciality, the restaurant is sometimes billed as the original home of the cheese steak, due to Pat and Harry Olivieri its founders.  They founded the restaurant in 1930 and are generally acknowledged as being the steak’s inventors.  It began as a stand, but today it is a large diner located in South Philadelphia.  It remains within the founding family and is currently owned by Frank Olivieri, Jr., Harry’s grandson.  They bill their trademark dish as a ‘steak sandwich’, and it can be bought at anytime during the restaurants 24 hour opening time.  If you’re going to try an American classic, why not go to its birthplace?

Although it has origins within Germany, no other dish is quite as American as the Hamburger.  The Le Tub Saloon in Hollywood, Florida boasts some of the country’s absolute best burgers.  Being located on Ocean Drive also lends the restaurant a fantastic view of Florida’s rolling waves, but the Sirloin Burger is the real reason to stay.  The eight to ten ounce burger is seared on an inside grill, which slowly releases the flavouring within the meats salt and pepper seasoning.  The meat is tasty enough on its own to be satisfying without any added cheese or sauce, which ensures a pure and excellent take on an iconic American meal.

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