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Working and Volunteering in India

Posted: 27th January 2017 09:29

With some very serious poverty, India is full of places to help; from orphanages and street slums to environmental support that its stunning wildlife needs.  Wherever takes your fancy in India, you’ll get a chance to do something substantial in terms of the development of the area, as well as see a new and exciting place full of wonderful scenery and incredible culture.

Healthcare Volunteering

If you have specific medical skills, then you can be a vital part of the Indian healthcare system.  Doing an internship in a clinic or hospital is a particularly good fit for medical students who want to practise their talents and learn new ways of conducting themselves in medicine.  You will also have a chance to experience different departments or areas, depending on your interests and knowledge.  With a huge shortage of both supplies and medical professionals who can use them, India’s urban and rural areas are in need of help, and every bit that can be given will make a massive difference.  Even for those without medical experience, there are opportunities for people who have an interest in helping in other ways.  There are always people in need, so if you’ve got the time to travel, why not find a rewarding experience that will give you as much as the people you help.

Street Children

With about 100 million children in India stuck on the streets, there is a huge amount of help needed.  Without help, these children have a bleak future, whereas the joy that help can bring to their lives is immeasurable.  By being there for these kids in available hostels and centres, you can give the children a future.  Taking part in educational classes, giving children the knowledge to survive their surroundings as well as equipping them with the skills to get out of their current situation, you can be there to let the children know there are ways to survive and have hope for the future.  Volunteers will become an important part of the children’s lives, taking them on trips to museums as well as giving them basic help with washing and caring for them.  These simple but crucial things can mean a child grows up to find their way out of living on the streets.

Teaching English

If you want a chance to live for an extended time in a beautiful place like India, then teaching English as a foreign language could be the best idea for you.  To be paid for a position, you must have a certificate in teaching English – simple to achieve, you can take one of these courses over a month or two and then be ready to fly out to your chosen destination.  Taught by professionals, this course will prepare you for all sorts of situations, and give you the resources to teach children in India.  Once you’re out there, you’ll continue to have help from the organisation, although you’ll be fairly independent which will give you the perfect chance to learn about the wonderful culture and take part in some of the incredible festivals India has to offer.  In your spare time you’ll have a chance to visit some of the most incredible of India’s landmarks including the Golden Temple in Delhi or the Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh.   

Environmental Conservation

With the current influx of chemical pesticides, farming has become increasingly difficult in the rural areas of India.  By promoting sustainable development, volunteers are there to give farmers the knowledge to have long-lasting positive effects on the environment and improve their own crops.   When agriculture is one of the most important areas for the economy, it is crucial to foster the right long-term techniques for doing it successfully, so your time on the project will include demonstrations, organic farming and education programmes.  With the right techniques, volunteering in these development projects can mean that these rural areas have a future as a thriving environmental area as well as the livelihood for many of the local inhabitants, and in your spare time you’ll get a chance to relax, playing games with the local children and exploring the stunning area.

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