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Why Working abroad is a Popular Alternative to the Rat Race

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 18th October 2012 10:04

Nowadays, finding work as a graduate in the UK is becoming harder and harder.  With the economy in crisis and over 1,000 people applying for a job in Poundland it seems impossible to get hired.  Despite having a degree most young people are told they don’t have enough experience for basic jobs and most employers won’t hire graduates in fear they’ll leave within a few months for something better.  One of the answers for those of you who are currently jobless could lie in booming countries such as America, Australia and Japan.  With promising wages, complimentary sunshine and a whole new culture to discover what are you waiting for?  Here’s how you can do it. 

Popular Destinations

These days, the most desirable countries Brits move to are America and Australia.  With both speaking English and living a similar lifestyle to us, choosing to live in either country is easy.  Other popular choices include Dubai for a high quality of living, Hong Kong for a major business market, Mexico for a cheap lifestyle and Singapore to live in the eighth richest country in the world.  Spain also comes up tops with over 750,000 Britons finding jobs in the sunny country. 

Popular Career Choices

One of the most sought after and easiest career paths in the global job climate, is teaching English.  Japan is always looking for language teachers but currently it seems it’s an undiscovered quality so there are plenty available.  All you need is a degree, be able to speak fluent English and be willing to live aboard.  A typical salary varies where you teach but the Middle East pays the most as teachers are in sparse.  Of course some of the most popular and desired careers that Australia and New Zealand all the time demand are doctors, nurses, engineers, builders and dentists.  If you are in any of these professions, you could be guaranteed a job. 

The Benefits of Living Aboard

Depending on where you work aboard your benefits will differ country to country.  Living anywhere in the EU allows you to be close to home and you can receive disability and carers allowance and your state pension.  Living in America will allow you a cheaper lifestyle as the US pay little for food and fuel and no taxes.  If one of the main reasons you want to escape the UK is because of the climate, then living aboard in countries such as Australia, Turkey, Spain and Italy will tickle your fancy.  Canada’s economy is rising and getting a job as a nurse in the country could earn you nearly £25,000, more than the average nurse is paid in the UK. 

How To Do It

Moving to a foreign country is easier if you are able to get a transfer from the current company you are working for or work for a foreign country.  Thousands of Brits do this every year and it really is the best option as your expenses (air travel, accommodation etc) and visas are usually paid for and sorted out by your company.  One of the most important things to remember when job searching is to make sure you tailor your CV to each country and job you are applying for.  Ensure your CV is clear enough for any national to understand it so you don’t have any communication problems. 

Regardless of all this, hunting for a job aboard can be just as difficult as finding one here so you need dedication, perseverance and patience.  Once you find your perfect job aboard, remember to send us a postcard! 

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