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Visiting Tunisia

Posted: 6th October 2016 09:25

With the Mediterranean Sea glistening on the North African country’s coastline, Tunisia truly is a sun seekers paradise.   Beyond the sun, sea and sand it also boasts a rich cultural heritage dating back as far as the Phoenician and Roman Empires as well as being home to Luke Skywalker.


With a history stretching back nearly three millennia, the former Mediterranean powerhouse of Carthage is a magical destination worthy of its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  It was once the focal point of the Phoenician Empire when Hannibal stampeded across Europe almost capturing Rome before the Romans retaliated, razing the city in 146 BC, making it the capital of the Roman province of Africa.

Following a number of years under Roman rule, it boasts some of the best Roman ruins found outside of Italy with a visit to the Carthage Museum simply a must.  Be sure to visit the Antonin Baths which are the largest Roman bath ruins outside of Rome itself, along with the trips to the Roman Theatre and the architecturally splendid Acropolium situated on Byrsa Hill.


Most people that come to explore the historical suburb of Carthage stay within the confines of the country capital, Tunis.  The city is divided into the old city, known as the medina, and the new city or ville nouvelle.  Take a walking tour of the ancient buildings, mosques and gates of the medina.  While you are here visit the Dar Ben Abdallah to explore the rich Ottoman history from the 18th century.


Star Wars may be set in ‘a galaxy far, far away’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the locations for George Lucas’ ground-breaking fantasy.  Situated on the south of Tunisia, near the Algerian border, is the popular gateway to several Saharan oasis villages and desertscapes famously captured in the 1977 blockbuster. 

For the home planet of Luke Skywalker, visit the oasis town of Tozeur and the salt lake of Chott el-Jerid, better known to movie buffs as Tatooine.  Also be sure to explore La Grande Dune which provides the ‘Dune Sea’ which C3P0 and R2D2 roam aimlessly.


If you are looking for somewhere as rich in heritage as Carthage but don’t want to sacrifice the luxuries of sun, sea and sand then Sousse is the place to go.  As one of the older cities in Tunisia it boasts all of the same historic attractions such as an authentic medina and traditional souk to take a leisurely stroll through while its location on the north east coast also allows visitors to kickback and relax on the long, sandy beaches bathed by the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Round Up

Come to Tunisia to enjoy everything from movie culture to ancient history and everything in-between.   This is more than just your typical sun-sea-and-sand excursion.

Where To Stay: DAR HI - Nefta

Dars are Tunisia’s answer to the Moroccan riad - offering boutique hotels in traditional townhouses - and none come any better than the dar HI in Nefta.  This contemporary accommodation evokes the beautiful landscape and architecture of its surroundings and offers nothing short of plush luxury.

Where To Eat: Restaurant El Mansourah

Situated right on the Mansourah Beach just north of Kelibia, this restaurant has exquisite views that are as equally impressive as the delicious seafood and extensive wine selection which they offer.

What To Do: El Jem International Symphonic Music Festival

The third century Roman arena was capable of holding 30,000 spectators in ancient times, and to this date it still makes the perfect setting for large-scale events.  The annual El Jem International Symphonic Music Festival is worth catching for its fantastic musical experience in a uniquely inspirational location.

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