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The Gap Year Quiz: Where Should You Go?

Posted: 14th November 2014 14:22

Like the idea of taking a gap year but still not sure on where to go? Let the iGap Travel Guide Quiz give you food for thought by choosing the recommended destination for you.

It is the night before you fly. The first thing you pack is…

A: Running Shoes
B: Sunglasses
C: Camera
D: Designer Clothes
E: iPad

You arrive at your destination after a long day of travel. The first thing you do is…

A: Hit the gym
B: Relax at the Pool
C: Go sightseeing
D: Find the nearest bar
E: Get an early night

Your local transport is likely to be…

A: Travel by foot
B: Local Bus
C: The Tube / Underground
D: Taxi
E: Tuk Tuk

Which of these holiday souvenirs are you most likely to bring home…

A: A medal or certificate denoting your holiday achievement.
B: A sun tan that will last the rest of the year.
C: A miniature ornamental version of your favourite landmark.
D: A bottle of the local booze.
E: A pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses.

Your ideal travel partner would be…

A: Bear Grylls
B: Eva Longoria
C: Stephen Fry
D: Joey Essex
E: Ewan McGregor

Your holiday pics mostly feature…

A: Sport Activities
B: Swim Wear
C: Ancient Buildings
D: Drunken Selfies
E: All of the above

Mostly A: You crave adventure. Unless there’s an adrenaline rush you are unlikely to get excited. Your ideal travel experience may well be working as a skiing or snowboard instructor or volunteering in Nepal where you can use your free time to go hiking in the Himalayas.

Mostly B: Travelling should not be a stressful occasion and as such it is essential you get plenty of sun and relaxation. This summer the FIFA World Cup may tempt you to plan for Rio Olympics 2016. Alternatively, take advantage of the growing tourism industry in the vastly developing Middle East. Another option would be working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Mostly C: You are without doubt a culture vulture. Holidays are a serious matter to you, as much a quest for knowledge as a time to switch off. You’re probably happier wandering around galleries and historic buildings than lying on a beach. Studying abroad in Europe will give you the perfect blend of a life-changing experience whilst furthering your career options.

Mostly D: Your holiday experience should be one big party so what better way to spend your summer than working as a holiday rep in Ibiza, Marbella or Ayia Napa? Alternatively you may want to discover what the big fuss about Spring Break is by visiting Cancun or Miami.

Mostly E: You sound very much like the typical ‘backpacker’ who either wants to discover the world, or at the very least discover themselves. Ideal destinations for you would be India, Australia or Thailand.

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