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The Best Snowboards Around

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 24th October 2012 09:19

The snowboard defines the boarder so don’t settle for second best! You’ll find the perfect balance of style, performance and simplicity with these boards.

GNU B-Pro Limited Edition board £465.00

The women’s GNU limited edition board features a bright ‘day of the dead’ graphic design.  Decorated in pink, green and blue sugar skulls and featuring the GNU logo in bright colours, this one is not for the faint-hearted.  If you love standing out from the crowd and have a unique sense of style this is for you.  The B-Pro also comes with a sugar skull designed felt blanket for protection. 

The Burton Operator £254.00

Fancy riding the same board as legendary snowboarder Shaun White?  For the pro snowboarder the Burton ‘Operator’ was made for you.  The ‘operator’ has a playful feel that has been upgraded from past models for limitless adjustability.  Its flex and shape are directional and this one is perfect for big boots.  Coming in a timeless white colour the board also features some unusual geometric shapes and a pair of eyes.  Well if it’s good enough for Shaun...

Head XL Matrix in 155 £121.00

For those of you, who are on a budget but still want to get your hands on a high-performance board look no further than the ‘Matrix’.  It’s designed in a directional twin shape that allows it to give a great performance around curves and jumps.  The ‘Matrix’ let’s its boarder turn and stop without breaking a sweat and designed in a classic black it appeals to all genders, all ages. 

Pirelli Pzero Burton board coming soon

Snowboards don’t come more luxurious than the upcoming Burton board designed by Pirelli Pzero- the plush car tyre designer.  Expected to drop this winter, Burton have teamed up with Pirielli to design a snowboard set of boots and board.  The board particularly has received rave reviews for its glossy black design complete with gold binding.  Each board is custom made for different shoe sizes and is predicted to be the lightest one Burton have ever released.  It’s expected to have a designer price tag but it’ll be worth it for the stares from the other boarders on the slopes. 

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