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Surf Schools in Tamarindo

Posted: 23rd November 2015 09:14

Surfing isn’t just for men with long blonde wavy hair and tanned muscular bodies; it’s the perfect way to enjoy Costa Rica’s stunning coastline whilst learning an exciting sport.  Tamarindo has many exceptional surfing schools where you can get your first taste of the waves in the Americas.  From beginners to any level of ability or ambition, you’ll find your needs well accommodated.  Tamarindo is the leading area to get experience from instructors for those looking to teach surfing, own your own surf school or even extend your business to another area of boarding paradise.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

If you're after a refresher course or wanting to try surfing in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Witch's Rock Surf Camp has a renowned beginner surf school that will support you every step of the way.  With 90-minute lessons every day, the experienced instructors will maintain your learning whilst making sure you're having fun.  There are evening seminars on safety, the science behind surfing and even video analysis of the lessons you've had with your instructor.  At the end of the course, there’s a graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements at the camp.

Costa Rica Surf Institute

Costa Rica Surf Institute (CRSI) offers a seven day intensive camp where you’ll learn fast and well.  With six classes a week, a special surf trip and a theory session, you'll be enveloped into the world of surfing and come out competent and confident.  Furthermore, there’s a photo session available where you'll be able to take away a reminder of your hard work.  You'll also have access to yoga tuition or a gym membership so you can unwind or increase your strength and stamina for your next surfing session.

Tamarindo Surf Camp

Struggling to get a particular manoeuvre down?  Tamarindo Surf Camp's intermediate course is ideal for those who are interested in trying out a variety of wave conditions whilst receiving instruction from friendly instructors who lead sessions centred on your level of skill.  Along with your private surf instructor and two hour lessons for five days of the week, you'll have unlimited use of your surfboard.  This will give you the chance to take advantage of the waves any time of the day in addition to being able to practise your new moves whenever you want.

School of the World Surf Camp

Founded in 1997, the School of the World has years of experience ready to impart.  The school is a clever combination of surf camp, language school, photography workshop and yoga retreat.  You don't have to mix up your experience at the School by taking part in another activity, but having the option will make your stay with the School that bit more customised to your interests.  It’s the perfect place to gain skills in surfing as well as a menagerie of other options that you could perhaps incorporate into your own business venture.

Costa Rica Surf Adventures

If you're already capable of handling the waves, Surf Adventures have a Performance Surf Coaching programme.  At the beginning of your experience, instructors will evaluate your skills and cater the package to your abilities and goals.  The aim of the course is to instil confidence and develop your technique by improving board control, take offs and surf etiquette.  If you're feeling particularly courageous, Surf Adventures will take you to the best waves in Tamarindo to test your metal, whilst for the more nervous boarders you experience will be tailored so you're comfortable as well as having the time of your life.

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