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Staying Motivated – The Not So Mission Impossible!

Posted: 5th January 2015 14:27

Even with the most enthusiastic of starts, sometimes that burning desire to get into shape slowly extinguishes.  With the angel and devil permanently whispering sweet nothings in your ear, it can be difficult to listen to the right voice.  Most people tend to literally throw in the towel after the first month unable to run past their favourite bakeries and fast-food treats.  But all is not lost, with top tips here to keep you glued to your regime; you’ll be sporting your ideal body shape in no time, making sure that you are healthier and happier for longer!

The Buddy

 Sometimes when you’re on that dreaded diet, you often start to doubt your own capability.  From calling it quits with only five minutes left on the treadmill to catching the bus when you easily could have walked the distance, everyone is tempted to sway.  There is a simple cure to your little predicament – grab someone else!  If a friend or partner is joining in on the healthy lifestyle, you are ten times more likely to stick to your mission.   From heading to fitness classes to making healthy dishes together, think of all the memorable fun to be had!

The Photo’s

If you hear that large chocolate bar in the fridge calling your name, it isn’t always easy to ignore.  Sticking to your plan can sometimes be difficult especially if you have others who aren’t dieting but live with you.  A round of applause because the solution has arrived!  Head to your nearest computer, print two pictures and put them on the fridge.  With one of yourself at your current body shape and another of somebody who has the shape you desire glaring at you in the face, you’ll think twice before opening the fridge door!

 The Winners

 Contrary to what you may believe, dieting is not Mission: Impossible 1, 2 or 3!  If you are in need of a bit of reassurance, hit the computers or countless magazines.  Reading up and watching some success stories can make a huge difference to your thought process.  If you see someone else who has gone through the dark tunnel and come out in the bright white light, it will help to convince you that you can do the exact same!

The Beginning

Still have the memories of your parents always telling you to remember where you came from?  Well these were wise words from equally wise people; just apply the same thing to your healthy lifestyle plan!  Grab a piece of paper or use your phone and write down why you wanted to start the regime and what you hope to achieve.  After this is complete, stick it in your outdoor coat or your favourite bag and read it aloud every day.  The constant reminder of where it all began will help you to keep it going.

The Reward

Just because you’re leaving the dark and heading over to the glorious bright side, doesn’t mean that you need to be so strict on yourself.  Working wonders and helping you to keep up the good work for a longer period of time, the first step is to write down your plan.  From a weight loss goal each week to doing that 5km run on the weekend, put it down in black and white – or blue depending on the colour pen!  Once the plan has been perfectly executed, decide on a reward for all your hard efforts.  Have a square of your favourite chocolate or drink your favourite smoothie, either way you’ll be looking forward to a special treat at the end of the week.

The Outfit

Use this as the only time that you fully indulge in something whilst you’re getting into shape.  The top tip that’ll have you cruising through your health programme; have a read of this!  Head straight to the shop where the window still holds stains from your longing sighs and buy that expensive outfit that you have been reluctant to purchase.  The trick is to buy it in the size that you hope to be after your health plan!  With angels singing in chorus every time you open your wardrobe, you’ll be positively anxious to wear that trendy new ensemble! 

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