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Stay Fully Charged with Mobile Solar Chargers

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 27th November 2014 17:05

Don’t You Just Hate it When Your Mobile Phone Turns Into a Landline?

There are more than 60 million portable electronic consumer devices in the UK and although there has been a marked increase in the size of screen and battery consumption of these devices, there is very little hope that in the near future there will be a corresponding significant increase in the energy capacity of their batteries.

If you wish to remain mobile with your mobile device, the only solution in the foreseeable future is a back-up battery, either with or without solar trickle charge.  This is particularly important in the case of mobile phones, able to do more or less what a PC can, but at the expense of shorter battery life, making them potentially useless when you actually need to use them as a 'Phone'.

Power Banks and Solar Phone Chargers, are portable batteries of varying capacity, that are able to charge most devices, whilst still being able to use them, without also being attached to the wall/car/pc.  They hold power for months and can be used to charge most electrical devices on the go.  Along with the ability to charge your phone in your pocket, the Power Banks come in particularly handy when you are cycling across Europe and have drained your GPS or have become trigger happy with the camera during your sightseeing tours.  This way you will never have to miss a moment.

How do I choose the right portable charger for my needs?

What are you intending to charge and how often?  If you assume the average smart phone battery is 2000mah, then a 4000mah charger will give 2 + full charges before recharge, adequate for top ups in the week.  If you also wish to be able to charge a Tablet and need more daily portable power, choose a charger with a capacity 6000mah +.

With or without Solar back up?

If your portable charger will only ever be in a pocket or bag, solar back up is not necessary.  For travel, camping and Festivals, the solar recovery enables more charges for each given capacity in addition to being a standard portable charger.  For example, the 6000mah Traveller or Executive should give 4-5 full charges of a smart phone or on-going power for a basic mobile phone for travel.  The Safari will give almost permanent off-grid power, (14 + phone charge capacity with solar recovery).

Do not expect a £10 charger to be fit for purpose, they can only be as good as the quality of their batteries, which is why Mobile Solar Chargers only use premium Grade A and Samsung batteries in their chargers.

Does Wireless Charging work?

It is only recently that the technology for wireless charging (and the QI International standard) for phones has caught up with mobile phone industry.  In order for wireless charging to work, you need a transmitter pad (mat) and a wireless receiver in the mobile phone, to transfer the charge to the battery.  Most of the newest mobile phones available from Samsung, Nokia, Google and HTC now have built in QI wireless receivers, Apple iPhones do not, but can have one retrofitted.

Mobile Solar Chargers has a range of wireless transmitters, either with built in batteries to enable portable wireless charging, or just the wireless charging transmitter mat.  Mobile Solar Chargers are also able to offer retro-fit wireless transmitters for Apple iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5 wireless charging jackets.  The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note is also able to wireless charge, once the wireless charging card is fitted inside the back cover.

Mobile Solar Chargers have a wide range of wireless phone battery charging pads, including wireless portable phone chargers, for every day phone charging.  The two portable wireless mobile phone chargers enable you to charge by wireless all day, whilst connected to a laptop and then when you disconnect the wireless portable charger, it still retains at least two further charges, even disconnected from the mains.

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