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Six Terrific Ways to Get a Government Translator Job

By Ozair Akhtar

Posted: 20th August 2014 12:47

No doubt technology has intervened in everyone’s life, changing it in many different ways. This also raised demand for people speaking multiple languages to cope with increasing business trends. Also, there are people with hearing problems which call for a special interpreter mastering in sign languages, while the need for professional translators, not only in US government but many other states is gradually ascending.

Courts, conferences, foreign escort, military convoy, airports, education institutions, media and a myriad of other fields require bilingual expertise. Once appointed, your career could take a long flight to success with many new opportunities. However, you must fulfill several pre-requisites as an eligibility criteria including certificate or valid proof of you being fluent in at-least two languages.

        1. Degree Requirements

Arabic interpreter servicesand many others around the world require a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language at-least. There’s no restriction to a particular study program however specialised subjects such as literature or arts are preferable. Many schools and institutions today are offering short diploma courses along with internship opportunities for a head start so there’s no point wasting time, get enrolled ASAP.

        2. The Path to Apprenticeship

When applying in any government agency as an interpreter, having two years work experience with bachelor’s degree is a must. All interested candidates who don’t possess this degree should earn at least five years’ experience. One of the best ways is to complete paid/unpaid apprenticeship alongside study. It’ll be tough but you must’ve heard; no pain, no gain!

        3. Get Certified

The type of certification and government job you’re willing to apply must coincide. Let’s take an example of the U.S., where obtaining a diploma in translation from The American Translator’s Association is essential. Another alternative is to complete several courses from the U.S. District Court namely Federal & State Court Interpreter Certification Program or National Judiciary Interpreter & Translation services Program

        4. The Golden Membership

The American Translator’s Association is one of the broadest organisations and easiest for getting membership. Think of all the benefits you can avail once part of the professional family like unanimous perception, myriad of career opportunities and a bright future. Depending on where you live, you get acquainted with a specific regional interpreting agency and learn as many languages as you can.

        5. Social Active & Resume’ Upgrade

After satisfying all the pre-requisites, the first thing to do is to update your resume in a professional way! Browse over the internet and look for sample templates to make your CV appealing. Provide accurate and concise information devoid of fluffing it. In the meantime, you should be active over social media platforms in order to get yourself a job and increase your exposure.

Websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others have dedicated pages from which you can establish contact with concerned personnel. Participate in group discussions where knowledge and ideas are shared free of cost.

        6. The Final Step

It’s finally time to apply for relevant jobs. Get registered either for free or for an insignificant fee on employment websites or extract specific company information directly from an official webpage. Whether applying as a conference interpreter agency or any other discipline, distribute your resume in bulk! Who knows you might hit the jackpot and get a dream job!

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