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‘Sea’ the World with a Cruise Ship Job

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 12th October 2012 10:28

A career that is rewarding and enjoyable is hard to come by nowadays.  Most people are stuck in a dead-end job struggling to make ends meet and not receiving the recognition they deserve.  You may instantly think of tacky, camp entertainers when someone says ‘job on a cruise ship’ but there are plenty of worthwhile career opportunities available for everyone.   More and more people are setting sail for a job on a cruise ship with over 1,500 employees aboard a ship according to Cruise ship network and with everything from hairdressers to sous chefs to personal trainer vacancies the prospects are never-ending.  A list of all jobs available can be seen here but here is a lowdown of the best of the best. 

Art Auctioneer for Park West

Sell art to merry guests and enjoy cocktails in exotic locations on your days off as an auctioneer.  An enthusiasm for art and good sales skills are all that’s required to sell a 300 year-old Rembrandt to a delighted guest.

Daily activities will include planning and setting up auctions and VIP art events taking place on your ship, managing the gallery, consulting your clients and holding seminars.  You’ll work with colleagues who talk for their job so meeting outgoing, friendly work colleagues who become life-long friends is a given. 

This is not your average 9-5 job.  Auctioneers find themselves with plenty of free time when ships are in port and when you’re waking up in a new country every day and can take advantage of the complimentary sun, sea and sand on offer, free time doesn’t sounds so bad. 

Earn: Commission based earnings can be anything from £1,400 up to £3,700 per month.  Whilst onboard, all expenses will be covered for, including flights, accommodation and food. 

How to do it: Log on to the Mermaid Group for current vacancies or alternatively apply directly through famous stateside galleries such as Park West.  Once successful, you’ll be flown to America for an all expenses paid, rigorous 4-week training programme that includes being trained in public speaking, knowledge in art and different production techniques.  You’ll be whisked out to sea days after. 

Youth Counsellor on the Disney Cruise Line

Get a job on one of the most magical cruise ships on earth and you’ll find yourself in the Caribbean whilst having a catch up with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Entertain and interact with energetic, lively children as a youth counsellor and with perks including complimentary passes to all Disney theme parks, merchandise discounts and free Disney movies this one job really is for the kid in you. 

As a youth counsellor you’re personality needs to be warm, friendly and have experience leading large groups of children.  You’ll be supervising up to 1,000 children a day so experience is necessary.  Other day-to-day tasks will include assisting on activities at ‘Castaway Cay’, the private island owned by Disney.   Counsellors will also assist on Goofy’s PJ party and assist with ‘Snow White’ performances held onboard the ships.  But it’s not all magic, as you’ll need to clean the play areas, prepare food, clear up equipment and you’ll work 70 hours a week with no days off. 

Earn: A weekly salary with overtime being paid at an hourly rate.  Benefits will include medical care, disability and death payouts. 

How to do it: The official Disney cruise line website lists all the youth counsellor posts at present and explains the application process.  A training course is provided before being hired which consists of two days training in Florida and on onboard safety, first aid and public heath preparation.   

Nurse aboard Celebrity Cruises

Helping to save lives can be stressful and emotional so when it all gets too much instead taking a break outside in rainy England, take a break outside in the blazing heat in the Mediterranean.  It’ll make doing a stressful job much more worthwhile.   

You’ll be responsible for providing day-to-day care for the guests and crew in the Infirmary and responding to emergencies whenever they occur on the ship.  You’ll also be required to undertake various administrative tasks.  Of course, like any nursing job, hours will be erratic but you’ll be allowed days off and get all your meals and travel for free.

Earn: Most cruise lines pay around £1,800 a month for nurses. 

How to do it: Celebrity Cruises are currently recruiting for nursing staff.  No special licence is required to work abroad as any nursing licence will do providing it remains valid for your contract overseas. 

Bartender on the Royal Caribbean

Aboard a cruise ship merry guests are always thinking about their next drink.  Making a cocktail you invented yourself in a classy bar aboard a ship taking you to the Bahamas could be your ideal new job. 

In addition to serving and mixing drinks you’ll need to stock the bar, prep for happy hour, over look schedules and manage you team of staff.  The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is exceptionally crucial working aboard a cruise ship.  You’ll need to be friendly, outgoing and of course patient to deal with those customers who have one too many. 

Earn: Between £1,100-1,700 per month but bar managers who manage the entire cruise ship bar staff can make up to £2,400. 

How to do it: Previous experience is necessary for cruise bartending jobs as you’ll be thrown straight into the deep-end.  Royal Caribbean are currently appealing for loads of bartending job, log on and send your CV and covering letter and get an immediate response. 

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