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Promising Career Opportunities for a Multi Linguist in UAE

Posted: 10th September 2014 10:47

Only 12% of the population in the UAE is local Arabs and apart from them, while the rest comprises of more two hundred nationalities from all corners of the world. Considering the diverse economy and cultural implications, people who are multi linguists can get their hands on promising careers in the UAE. All you need is to apply for a diploma in Professional Language Studies so that you could pursue your career as a translator or an interpreter in many foreign services such as a well-reputed translation agency, media, NGO’s etc.

Interpretation and Translation:

Andres, a professor and a professional conference interpreter says, “Students or say striving individuals that are longing to become interpreters or translators but peel of their strengths to know the underlying weaknesses, that’s harsh but the only way to improve!”

If you are a good translator, it’s not necessarily a must that you are a good interpreter too. Yes, I mean it! You need to fix this puzzle in the right place; a translator has to deal with a written objective, whereas an interpreter has to deal with a live spoken words or sentences. A translator can take a break an interpreter has to work on the spot. Before opting for your career, get this riddle solved and act accordingly.

A translator should have a strong grip over vocabulary and language in relevance to cultural differences, whereas, an interpreter has to have more than that. Apart from strong dialect, he must have strong interpersonal skills, strong memory, and be responsive and vigilant.

A few careers that you could choose:

Education Sector:

UAE, a multi-cultural state, offers more than one language as subjects in their school curriculum. Most schools offer Arabic as a main, whereas French and Chinese as optional subjects. A lot of Pakistani and Indian schools in Dubai go for Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and Persian languages. A translator could choose to be a teacher or a lecturer in any of the education institutions depending on their capabilities and aptitude.

Social Services:

When it comes to social services, you can choose to be both an interpreter and a translator. These sectors crave for multi-cultural individuals to contribute their best to speed up the workflow. Social services require different languages and backgrounds and have plenty of opportunities.

Foreign Services:

This is one of the most prestigious sectors to work for in UAE, especially in Dubai. In foreign services, you meet different people from different cultural backgrounds and languages. To eliminate the communication barrier, foreign services hire multi linguists or native speakers, writers, translators and interpreters to seek out immediate help when needed. They also sign contracts with UAE translation services to provide them flawless translations whether it is legal, public or officially confidential.

Copywriting Agencies and Media Groups:

A lot of copywriting agencies and media agencies can be found in UAE to interact with both the East and the West. If you are a multi linguist, your career is sure to take off. These companies work 24/7 with different clients and demand work in different languages and are required to deliver work in both languages, Arabic and English. For this, you could drop your CV for providing services like translation in Dubai. Translators and interpreters are assets to them!

Read further to understand the difference between a translator and an interpreter.

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