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Playing It Safe – Liam Neeson Style

By James Drakeford

Posted: 11th September 2012 10:53

With the release of Taken 2 we have gone back to have another look at the first instalment and while the risk of being kidnapped by a gang of human trafficking Albanian’s may be slim – here is our ultimate guide to playing it safe when you are going abroad with friends for the first time.

Look After Your Valuables

This may sound obvious but your valuables (camera, phone, passport, money etc) can easily be taken if you’re not careful.  So always keep them on you in a safe place.  Take a decent padlock for the zips on your bag, that way nobody can get into them when you are out and about.  Plus the cleaners won’t be able to get to your valuables whilst you’re sleeping in your room.  Always take out insurance for you and your valuables.  It may sound like a waste of money and time but trust us when we say it can save you in the worst case scenario and will be a huge relief if something does go missing or gets broken while travelling.   

Stick To The Hotspots

There is no harm in going off the track a bit but stick to the hot spots.  You are much more likely to be welcomed into a safer, more well-known destination than in an area that isn’t so well visited.  Sticking to the hotspots will still allow you to discover the culture side of things except in a much safer environment.  Besides, the hotspots are hotspots for a reason – this is usually where the action is at and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss the highlights.

Choose Taxis Carefully

Whilst jumping into a random taxi at the time might seem adventurous and less time consuming, there is a slim chance something could go horrible wrong.  After all you don’t want to be ripped off, have a dangerous taxi driver or go through the same experience as that girl from Taken went through (guys, that includes you too).  If you choose to travel by taxi then allow yourself enough time to book one in advance, preferably from your hotel or tourist information centre.  If you’re in a rush simply call up the taxi firm’s number so your journey is pretty much guaranteed to be safe with insurance.   

Keep Drinks With You At All Times

When you’re on a night out with your mates, sipping a cocktail on the pool side or beach, or even in a restaurant, it’s easy to get swept up in the flow of everything.  By all means let your hair loose but always keep an eye on your drink.  Having your drink spiked with unknown substances is an unwanted experience and a sure way to ruin your time plus a delicious drink.  So what do you do when you want to dance?  Hold your drink by covering it with your hand or put your thumb over the hole in the bottle.  When buying water make sure it’s bottled with a sealed cap.  This way you won’t get nasty infections that can ruin your trip.

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