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Must Have Accessories

By Haider Ali

Posted: 6th December 2012 12:53

When considering a holiday you may pick a particular environment that you wish to enjoy.  For example snow sports will require a plethora of equipment in the Alps or Eastern Europe.  Maybe you want to go surfing in Australia, in which you will want a surf board, or golfing gear for the lush greens of Dubai.  Either way you will want to have the very best equipment available for your trip abroad.

Snow Sports

Before even contemplating snow sports you must come fully prepared for the frosty and biting weather you will encounter in mountainous terrain like the Alps.  Imperative is the basics which include a winter jacket, snow boots, thick woolly gloves and a hat to match.  Once you have these in order you may look to additional accessories to help make your holiday even better on some of the best snow slopes in the world.

The adults on the other hand will be looking at the best snowboards and skis money can buy.  There are numerous types you can get but for first timers entry level snowboards are recommended as they have far more safety bolts in place to prevent you suffering injuries.  For those that are a little more advanced perhaps you may want to consider taking a freestyle or free-ride snowboard in order to really test your skills to the limit. 

Skis can be purchased just as easily but because they are harder to control and more dangerous than snowboards, a helmet is highly recommended.  Wrist braces and body armour can help protect you further if you are person that is safety inclined and you would not be folly to think this way as the slopes can cause great difficulty for novices that will be falling over a lot.  Those worried about looking good rather than safety need not worry about fashion faux pas as they can buy snow clothing in brands, though Gucci and Prada may not be available!

Sun, Sea and Sand

More appealing to tourists will be the thought of chilling out on a beach sipping cocktails.  For the livelier tourists that go somewhere where the tides are high and rip-roaring like Australia, you may wish to go surfing or water-skiing.  But before you do this heed the advice of guides to make sure you do not stray further than you need to go.

Also important is sun-block.  One cannot stress how prone people will be to the threat of skin-cancer, especially in countries where the heat can be ferocious in the summer, so lather yourself up in cream and protect yourself from the rays of the sun.  Pack clothing conducive to the weather like shorts, flip-flops, bikinis and for those that are not shy Hawaiian shirts.

Just because beaches don’t have grass does not mean you can’t have sports fun.  Take a beach ball and set up a volleyball tournament.  Starting off with a pair you are bound to attract more people and this is a great way to get to know the local people.  If you get bored of this then hop into the sea and go for a swim to cool down from your exertions. 

Round up

Whatever you do the key issue here is stock up on accessories depending on where you are going to go.  This way you won’t have to waste time on your holiday looking for vital essentials like a helmet for a ski run or sun cream in order to help protect your skin from frying in the intense heat on a beach. 

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