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Introducing Melbourne

Posted: 12th May 2015 08:34

Australia’s cultural capital, contemporary Melbourne, is a place of edgy street art, raw music and racy art galleries.  Combined with chic shopping precincts and historic buildings, Melbourne is an incredible travel destination.  A city devoted to music, Melbourne feels most alive in the sticky floored bars which pulsate with live music throughout the night, the soft sound of acoustic tones and the rhythmic pulse of DJ sets competing to draw the coolest crowd.  Visitors can enjoy everything from grunge rock and techno to jazz, blues and avant-garde performances.  As you might expect, the club scene in Melbourne is intense, with all night parties, entrancing music and freely flowing cocktails.  Two heavy weights are Revolver Upstairs – Melbourne’s premier live music venue, showcasing local talent and international bands every night of the week – and the Wah Wah Lounge, a club dedicated to explosive DJ sets.

Melbourne has a unique history, vested in Victorian imperialism, which could not be more at odds with its edgy nightlife.  Cook’s cottage, built in 1755 by the legendary Captain James Cook, is the oldest building in Australia.  A candid window into the past, guests can admire centuries old antiques and a delightful English garden that feels like a small slice of home.  Brighton bathing box on the sands of Port Phillip Bay, another historic spectacle, has 82 distinctive bathing boxes with a quintessentially Victorian feel to them.  For nature enthusiasts, the Royal Melbourne Zoo, the oldest zoo in Australia, features towering bird aviaries, hothouses full of colourful butterflies and deep aquariums with exotic sea life.  Some of its more prestigious guests include lions, tigers and elephants.

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