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How To Acquire The Perfect Beach Body

By Josh Hill

Posted: 17th February 2015 12:55

Getting into Shape for the Summer

Winter hibernation can take its toll on our bodies.  It’s dark and cold, and there are few things more appealing than lying on the sofa with your favourite comfort food – heading out for a run is not one of these things.  If you’re feeling less than confident in your own skin as the sun starts to make an appearance, try some of these tips so that when it comes to stripping off on the beach, you’ll welcome the stares of admiration.

Diet Tips to Start Today

Drink water

Our number one tip is: drink more water! It might be the oldest trick in the book but there’s a reason for that.  It’s free, you’ll feel more full (often we mistake hunger for thirst), and it helps to flush out your body.  Your skin will improve and your stomach will flatten...need we say more?

Forget about fad diets

Eating nothing but cabbage soup for a week will make you miserable, and you certainly won’t be getting all the nutrition you need.  You’re sure to drop a fad diet before it makes any long-term difference.

Drop one bad item a week

Love fizzy drinks? Switch to water and you’ll see the difference in your skin – and waistline – straight away.  Then for the next week, scrap the crisps; the week after, cheese is off the shopping list.  Taking dietary changes in small, manageable chunks makes them so much easier to stick with.

Fruit > chocolate

Do you have a sweet tooth? Pick up a piece of fruit when you’re craving sweets.  If you’re actually hungry, add a spoonful of natural peanut butter to an apple or a banana for some good fats which will keep you satisfied.

Are you hungry?

When you find yourself wandering into the kitchen and aimlessly opening the fridge, ask yourself if you would eat a portion of steamed veggies right now.  If the answer is no, then you’ve just got cravings.  Step away from the cupboard.


Make fitness a hobby

If you’re working on a hobby, not just exercising with the goal of losing weight in mind, you’ll be much more likely to keep going, and your body will reap the rewards.  Take up a sport like boxing or tennis, or see what amateur teams play in your area; from football to ultimate Frisbee, running around with a group of new friends will engage your competitive streak and get your blood pumping.  Also, most gyms offer fitness classes at a small cost to non-members, and they will motivate you to keep going for much longer than a solo workout.


So much more than just a leg work-out, squats provide whole-body benefits.  If done properly they can help strengthen your knees, work your core, bum, and legs, and improve your balance. 

·         Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

·         Keeping your back neutral and your knees over your feet, slowly bend your knees, hips and ankles till you reach a 90o angle. 

·         Return to standing, and repeat.

You can do them in front of the TV, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil – any time you’ve got a spare few minutes.  Stop reading this and squat!

Flat stomach tips

If you’ve got your diet in check, you’ll be starting to lose belly fat, meaning that now is the time to work on those abs.  Try a mix of crunches (rotate alternate elbows to opposite knees), leg lifts, and planks for a well-rounded workout.  Shake up your routine with new moves as often as possible and you’ll be on the way to a sculpted stomach in no time.

Incorporate weights

For every pound of muscle you have instead of a pound of fat, your body will burn 30-50 more calories! Add in resistance training and exercise using both bodyweight and weights, to tone up and really make the most out of your workout.  Also, unless you’re training for a marathon, use sprint training for cardio instead of long, slow runs.  You’ll pack on more muscle and work your heart in one go.

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