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Healthcare Precautions When Residing in Asia

Posted: 24th September 2015 08:13

Wherever you choose to work or study in Asia you won’t benefit from free healthcare.  While some Asian countries offer this to their citizens as an international student you won’t be eligible and will have to get private insurance, pay into a state run insurance system or take the risk.  It is highly recommended that you get covered before leaving for Asian.

Firstly being insured simply gives you peace of mind, especially as you’ll have a lot on your plate when you first arrive.  Additionally, you never know when you might fall and break something or be involved in an accident in the hectic traffic of Mumbai or Bangkok.  If you are not insured, treatment for these sorts of things could get very expensive indeed.  Finally, many Asian countries see extremes of weather you may not be used to and could introduce your immune system to a variety of new diseases.  While you can take precautions against both of these things, the chance of getting ill is simply much higher in Asia than in the UK or US, so even if you’re someone who doesn’t get ill often that may not be the case in Asia.

In countries like China, India and Thailand you should get private insurance.  There are companies that aim plans specifically at students and the costs vary by country.  India has very cheap healthcare while China’s is more expensive and harder to access.  In contrast, students off to Japan will be required by law to pay into its national insurance system that will mean the government covers 70% of the cost of your treatment.  It’s vital to choose which plan is best for you prior to arriving.  

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