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Great Apps to Download for Your Gap Year Abroad

Posted: 2nd December 2015 08:13

One thing that many students decide to do before they settle down into the routine of a full time job following their studies is to enjoy a gap year abroad. This is something that can benefit you in many different ways, enabling you to experience new cultures, explore new places, gain experience, and widen your horizons.

However, travelling abroad can be tricky. So why not get ready for your gap year by installing some of these apps which can translate foreign languages, figure out exchange rates, and even entertain you with some games whilst you're waiting for that long-distance flight!

Flight comparison apps: If you are heading abroad for your gap year you will need to book a flight and naturally you want to get the best deal possible. By downloading flight comparison and booking apps you can quickly source the most competitively priced flights to the destination you are travelling to and you can then get your travel arrangements sorted. Some of the key apps you can choose from include Skyscanner,, and SeatGuru from Travel Republic.

Accommodation apps: Many students tend to look for low cost and conveniently located hostels to stay in during their gap year, and by downloading an app such as the Hostelworld app, you can make the task of finding and booking your accommodation far easier. You can look for hostels in destinations all around the world, so no matter where you are travelling to you will be able to quickly and conveniently find affordable places to stay.

Entertainment apps: Thanks to smartphones, we can now stay entertained no matter where we are. For instance, you can keep up with your favourite TV shows and movies by downloading popular streaming apps onto your device. And online gaming is something that can be enjoyed by anybody with a smartphone. But it doesn't have to be Space Invaders and simple shoot-em-ups, as apps like Atomas offer a more cerebral kind of gaming fun, and sites like LadyLucks provide a gaming app that can recreate an authentic casino experience from your smartphone with slot games such as Treasure Blast that not only offer a starting bet from as little as 1p, but also offer some pretty extravagant payouts too.

Currency conversion app: One app that will help you both before you head off and during your time abroad is a good currency conversion app. The XE currency app is a very popular one that can be used on various mobile platforms, and this means that you can avoid any confusion when it comes to converting to the local currency based on where you are travelling.

Translation apps: You may be heading to a destination where English is not the first language and one thing you will want to do is try and avoid a language barrier. This can be made far easier with the help of a good translation app that will make communicating with others a breeze while you are on your gap year.

And although your smartphone may be able to book flights and hotels, as well as keep you entertained with games and figuring out how to speak the native tongue, it unfortunately won't be able to extend your gap year, so enjoy it while you can!

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