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Getting the Best Beach Body

By Danielle Montgomery

Posted: 14th March 2013 15:12

You’ve just booked your holiday in a mad excited rush, so now comes the daydreaming fantasies about seductive barmen, elusive cocktails and platefuls of foreign cuisine.  But wait, what’s this nagging constant worry that has suddenly burst your bubble, bringing with it bouts of anxiety?  Oh, the Bikini. 

Whether you’re an apple or a pear, a column or a cornet, or even the desired hourglass, we all have moments of despair when we scrounge for last summer’s bikini, praying to every God under the sun it might just still fit.  But then you put it on and all the evidence of the year becomes apparent; your stomach reflecting the tubs of ice cream demolished with your loved one, your arms playing homage to the drunken midnight snacks and your bum symbolising the snacks devoured at Christmas.  However don’t regret these fabulous foodie moments, as a gorgeous beach body and newfound confidence is waiting around the corner! (But not at your local takeaway)… So follow these simple, cheap and quick remedies to get the Best Beach Body worthy of a Goddess. 

More Fibre

According to a recent study in The Journal Of Nutrition, you can prevent weight gain and encourage weight loss by just increasing your fibre intake.  The results of the study showed that for every 1,000 calories consumed, it’s recommended to boost your fibre intake by 8 grams.  Here are some fibre rich foods to indulge in to help you kick-start that stomach into shape!

Bran (oat, wheat, corn, rice)



Sunflower seeds

Sundried tomatoes

Beans and lentils

Cocoa powder/Dark chocolate


We all know it’s hard to find the time for strenuous workouts between work, studying and socialising, but it’s been proven that a mere 20 minutes a day can help tighten those thighs and shift any spare inches hugging onto your waist.  Try these simple forms of exercise and that new bikini you eyed up in the shop will be yours!

Walking to work/university (or getting off the bus two stops early and walking the rest of the way)

Avoid lifts; take the stairs!

20 sit-ups in the morning and evening

TV Squats; watch your favourite programme and get fit!

Vacuuming; we’re not even kidding! Put some cheesy music on, grab the hoover and get pumping those arms back and forth!

Make Your Tea a Green One

Experts believe that the nasty toxins produced by caffeine get trapped in fat cells, so swap your tea or coffee for a healthy decaf green tea.  This jade coloured drink helps burn fat as its natural antioxidants that help the liver function more efficiently can aid in speeding up your metabolism. 

The Fruit and Vegetable ‘A’ List

As bonkers as it sounds, a lot of fruit and vegetables that start with the letter ‘A’ are brilliant at banishing the effects of cellulite.  Not only do they help the liver to flush out toxins, these amazing vegetables also maintain the alkaline balance in our digestive system.  We’ll definitely give these following veg an A-grade!

Avocadoes – a serious superfood high in magnesium, potassium and potent antioxidant vitamin E

Asparagus – stimulates blood circulation and reduced bloating

Artichokes – a rich source of potassium, calcium and the vitamin B-complex group that help cellular metabolic functions

Apricots – rich in fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and Lycopene

Apples – full of Pectin, a gel forming fibre that can help tackle cellulite

 Slow down on salt

If you’re one to spoil yourself to a couple of fast-food meals a week, or maybe you’re the person that always gets “would you like some food with your salt?” then stop what you’re doing!  High levels of salt intake increase water retention, which can make cellulite look prominent on even the thinnest of people.  Try swapping shop bought pre-made lunches for fresh produce and make it yourself, as convenience foods are often laden with the naughty seasoning!  Or hide the salt seller in the house so you’re not tempted to saturate your dinner in the white stuff.

Less booze, more juice!

We’re not saying that you completely wipe your favourite tipple from the radar, but cutting back on the alcohol will do wonders for your figure.  Alcohol is a toxin in itself that actually increases the fat levels in our blood, slowing down the circulation and adding pressure upon the waste removal organs.  Our body views it as poison so immediately focuses on breaking down the alcohol molecules instead of our carbohydrates and fat cells, leaving them to be converted into fat and stored in the body.  Alcohol certainly isn’t our friend, no matter how much time we spend with it! Allow yourself one night a week until your holiday to drink alcohol, and if you somehow accidentally find yourself at the pub a few times during the week (sometimes it just happens and we don’t know how…) then opt for a virtuous virgin cocktail (an alcohol free cocktail) and reap the benefits of natural fruit juices.

Round Up

Whether your holiday is in the sunny islands of the Mediterranean or the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, it’s guaranteed that after following these tips and advice you’ll be laying on the beach toned, tanned and totally irresistible!

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