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Europe’s Best Surf Spots are in Portugal!

Guest Post

Posted: 24th November 2014 10:15

Surfers from around the world try to find the best hotspots to experience the feeling as heightened as possible. That shot of adrenaline when you ride one of the biggest waves that a certain area can provide cannot be compared with anything in this world. Portugal is considered to be one of those safe havens where surfers from all around the world gather to challenge their skills and see if they are suitable for such an experience.

Why Is Portugal So Special?

First of all, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate which makes it one of the warmest countries in Europe. It is actually a lot better than Barcelona, which is so popular among tourists in Europe these days. This makes it possible for surfers to actually enjoy the weather as well as the waves. Additionally, the winds that blow in this particular region come from the Atlantic Ocean in the West, making them a lot larger than other areas of Europe.

It’s Open For Everyone

Furthermore, Portugal provides a wide variety of waves of various types and sizes and as a result this is considered to be one of the greatest surf destinations for pros and newbies as well. Many people come here to learn surf because they have the chance to practice with bigger waves once they’ve got the hang of it. Of course, it is highlight recommended to turn to a professional training surf school because this is a dangerous sport, especially for the ones that haven’t got any type of experience.

The interesting weather conditions, similar to what you would be faced with when you go surfing in South Africa, the swells picked up from the north, the south and the west contribute to the incredible surf conditions that are very consistent. This means that people can actually come surfing almost any time of the year. Of course, the beginners are advised to consider summer waves because they are smaller, ranging from 3 to 5 ft. When it comes to the swell size during the winter season, the medium height is about 6ft, buy there are many cases when it reaches 15ft or higher.

What To Check Out?

According to Travel Tripsor activity guide, the greatest thing about Portugal is the fact that it doesn’t have crowded waves, regardless of the skill and experience level of the area. There is room for everyone and newbies won’t have to worry about hitting another surfer while challenging a wave. For the ones that want to find out specifics, the area around Peniche is great to check out due to the peninsular region that makes the weather conditions perfect. Additionally, the Centro marks 16 surfing spots that are surely a great destination for intermediate surfers. Finally, there is the Lisboa region, which has about 11 spots which can actually be a challenge for the surfers that want to have a thrill of adrenaline more than their regular doze.

If you want to take up this particular sport, Portugal is considered to be one of the best places to start. The weather here is quite incredible and it can be the holiday of your lifetime. If you want to check out new places, the French surf spots are also a great place to go. 

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