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Come to Chicago

Posted: 14th November 2016 08:53

The word Chicago is synonymous with Chicago Pizza, Chicago Rock (Café) and the Broadway production simply entitled Chicago, but when you visit the city itself you will soon realise that it is a musical pilgrimage for fans of country, soul, folk and blues as well as a fascinating city break complete with skyscrapers, shopping centres, restaurants, fascinating museums and amazing views of the city from high and low.

Music Tours

Chicago has long been established as America’s foremost blues city since Muddy Waters came into prominence during the 1940s and its musical offerings are still prominent today.  Check out authentic undiscovered local talent as well as some of the biggest bands at live music venues such as Buddy Guy’s Legends and Blue Chicago followed by a visit to Chicago’s historic blues sites such as Hyde Park’s Checkerboard Lounge on the South Side.

Music lovers should also check out Steve Albini’s studio Electrical Audio to see where famous names such as Nirvana, Pixies and PJ Harvey recorded albums, along with a tour of the homes and clubs that inspired Chicago’s biggest modern rock stars including Smashing Pumpkins, Plain White T’s and Alkaline Trio.


Chicago has more museums than you could shake a stick at, with artefacts including everything from Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons at the Field Museum of Natural History through to a collection of heart valves at the International Museum of Surgical Science.  The city’s set of museums and cultural institutions are among the best in the world.  Broaden your horizons with a Chicago City PASS which will enable your admission to a number of these exhibits, or alternatively keep an eye out for ‘free admission days’ which are generally clustered together in January and February when there are significantly fewer tourists around.

The Chicago Skyline

Chicago’s skyline is one of the worlds tallest and easily ranks among the most magnificent.  It boasts three of America’s five tallest buildings and, if you include its antenna, the massive Sears Tower remains the second tallest skyscraper in the world.  Take a trip up to the 103rd floor of this Chicago icon where four glass balconies extend from its Skydeck to provide an exhilarating experience and never-before-seen views of the city.  At 1,353 feet up, your nerves will be stabilised by the incredible sight of up to 50 miles spanning across four states.   

Round Up

What makes Chicago special is that it has everything that New York can offer except it is blended in with a mid-western generosity and a more relaxed atmosphere.  While it may not be the first destination on many people’s list, it certainly ranks among the best.

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