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An Introduction to Guadeloupe

Posted: 9th November 2015 08:32

Guadeloupe is a group of Caribbean islands which are part of France, and is thus part of the European Union and the Eurozone with the Euro as currency.  All natives speak the official language, French, though most also speak Antillean Creole.

Named “The Butterfly Island” due to the shape taking the form of a butterfly, each isle of Guadeloupe is full of intrigue and fascination with each offering something different while also holding its rich Franco-Caribbean culture and identity intact.  While part of France, the natives pride themselves on the distinct Caribbean approach to life they have which is, as you would expect, a lot more laid back and slow paced with a lot of relaxed bus and taxi services and opening and closing times being more of a guideline to shop owners than enforced rules.  Just hope you find a place open that is serving the regional dish Colombo (chicken, rice, curry) imported from India.

South of the main islands are several small isles that offer a glimpse of Guadeloupe’s historic roots and today many famous faces hail from the islands, notably French football legend Thierry Henry.

The economy of Guadeloupe relies heavily on tourism – two must dos are seeing the waterfalls of Basse-Terre jungle and scuba diving to see the striking marine wildlife off the islands’ shored - with major industries in sugar cane and white rum.  Unemployment is high amongst the youth of the islands and Caribbean hurricanes sporadically damage the economy and the islands are dependent on mainland France for much of its imported food.

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