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A Thrillseekers Guide to Australia

Posted: 19th June 2017 08:32

Are the mundane routines of everyday life going to turn you grey early, each white hair representing another change-free year with no surprises? We all have those moments, so we’ve rounded up the best thrill seeking activities to do in the Land Down Under; Australia. Whether you prefer to be free falling towards the ground, or linger in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, there is something for all quirky tastes. 

Skydive in Mission Beach

As bizarre as it sounds, jumping out of a plane is probably on most people’s ‘Things to do Before I Die’ list, however this opportunity rarely presents itself when you’re on your way to work or sitting in a lecture. Mission Beach, situated north on the East Coast, hosts Australia’s highest skydive at a whopping 14,000ft. The journey into the skies lets you see some spectacular views, with panoramic scenes of the ocean and also the beach onto which you land.

Free falling for a full minute is simultaneously terrifying, adrenaline pumping and surreal, ensuring your breath is literally taken away. However it’s not until the parachute is deployed when you truly experience what it’s like to fly. Gently gliding through the sky above the sea, it’s hard not to feel a sense of freedom and enlightenment, worries disappearing with every crash of a wave below. Landing back on Mission Beach, you’ll need a minute to find your legs, but you’ll have a memory for a lifetime.

Bungy Jump in Cairns

Although not as high as skydiving, the bungee jump is one for the fearless and the brave. AJ Hackett in Cairns is proudly host to the only bungee site in the country and the world’s first ‘Jump Menu’ that offers a variety of different ways to plunge to the ground, including riding a BMX bike off the edge. Set 50m above the ground, the climb up the 196 steps is a daunting task, but the views of the northern beaches and Great Barrier Reef keep you sane, at least for another minute.

Throwing yourself off an edge goes against all natural instinct but the fear is soon replaced with adrenaline as you bounce back up and realise you’re still alive. Being that it’s set in the dense tropical rainforest with pretty flowers, flowing water and ponds, the natural oasis location ensures a peaceful way to relax after the death defying jump.

Minjin Swing in Cairns

The bungee jumps nicer and younger sister, the minjin swing is the only multi-person swing in Australia, but by no means does it lack any thrill. Sweeping through the jungle from 45m to 1m in less than 4 seconds, this is definitely not your average swing! Once you’ve been levered up above the rainforest treetops, the self release is in your control, testing your courage and sense of adventure.

Plummeting down to the ground at a frightening speed will make your heart try to escape through your mouth, the desired sensation for the active thrill seeker. Being able to share such a wild experience with your friends also means sharing the fear, so a wise choice for those who are happy to admit they’re not daring enough to do a solo adventure!

White Water Rafting in the Tully River

Thousands of people a year take to the Tully River in Cairns for an action packed day of rafting through the World Heritage Rainforest, battling up to 45 rapids of varying degrees and angles. Working your way through the wild waters is an exciting team building experience and a great way to make new friends, despite the loud gushing of the strong currents. Equipped with all your gear and after attending a safety briefing meeting, the fun rapidly begins!

The day involves five hours of rafting, as well as a BBQ lunch opposite the Ponytail Falls, a perfect setting to recharge your batteries. However do not settle down too much as more adventure continues after your al-fresco dinner, in the form of raft surfing, rock jumping or, if you still need to pump more adrenaline into your system, take the plunge and try dangerous rapid swimming.

Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Great Barrier Reef. The Earth’s largest natural eco-system is a beautiful, mysterious and alluring habitat, housing over 400 species of coral, 1,500 species of fish, 5,000 species of mollusc and 30 species of whale and dolphins. Exploring this mystifying entity is a must when in Australia and there are many different packages and tours to choose from.

Learning the skills of a diver, you are led down to the dark depths to test your abilities, after which you are free to roam. Swim with mesmerising schools of fish as they sway through the reef, or if you’re lucky, spot a sea turtle munching on the seabed or swimming solo. Snorkelling is the depth-free option to discover the reef as you glide along the surface peering down into the watery world at your own calm pace.

Round Up

If you are experiencing a bout of boredom or a moment of dread that you’ve done nothing with your life so far, then this list should be inspiration to alter that mindset. Many of us choose to ignore urges for change and continue in the drudgery of life, but a handful of us get up, get out and get living. Let that be you!

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