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A Thailand Adventure

Posted: 6th January 2017 08:56

There are so many reasons to travel in Thailand like to taste the undeniably fantastic cuisine, relax on beautiful beaches and see wildlife to name a few but the main reasons are most likely, to experience a different culture like no other and gain insight into other interesting lifestyles.  Most travellers say the best way to fulfil your Thailand experience is to ‘Go native’- this means imitating the locals by living in the same way they do whilst there.  However this can be expensive so here are the best ways to get fully experience what Thailand has to offer on a budget.


Shopping is popular and notoriously inexpensive in Bangkok but that doesn’t necessarily mean you pay less for a poor quality product. The best way to experience rural Thai culture is by cruising to the floating markets.  Yes, these markets are literally floating and are filled with a wide range of products.  These are great places to stock up on produce, especially if you’re not staying in Thailand on a full-board basis.  At the market you will be welcomed by friendly locals into a sensational aroma and atmosphere like no other.  You can pick up anything from fresh exotic fruit that you have never heard of to delicious meat.  Thailand is also a major clothing manufacturer and exporter so you can easily get a wide range of garments from “K-mart specials” to designer goods being great value for money.

Bangkok Bike Ride

There’s no need to spend bags of money on transport to get around Bangkok or  visit attractions when you can simply take bike rides.  Get off the beaten track and explore the city as you cycle through lanes, markets, traditional houses, stunning temples and peaceful canals.  Not only will you get to be in the centre of the major attractions like theRed Frame Giant and Suthat Temple but you will also get to meet the friendly locals.  Not to mention you will get a brilliant insight into Bangkok that few tourists know about.  Bike rides are an adventurous way to discover and fall in love with Thailand. 

Hat Mai Khao

As a traveller and tourist, when there’s a beach nearby it comes as no surprise you will want to take the opportunity to relax and lounge around.  So why not soak up the sun on Phucket’s longest beach with its fantastic atmosphere? Its even better the fact that you can do this for free.  There are lively parts of the Hat Mai Khao beach where you can join in with water activities or simply have a splash around in the warm clear blue sea.  Peace and solitude are just a few steps away.  If you come between November and February you can witness the Sea Turtles laying their eggs, which is nothing less than a special event.

Whilst at Hat Mai Khao, if you find time to pull yourself away from the beautiful beach, let Phuket seduce you.  With a smooth blend of ostentation and seediness, Phuket is as colourful as it is cosmopolitan.  After all it has got a renowned reputation as one of the world’s most famous travel destinations. 


The great news about the nightlife in Thailand is that you don’t have to go far for a cheap and cheerful time.  Look around, you will find bars, clubs and other entertainment venues all available at moderate prices.  The Bed is a popular place and is regarded as one of the hottest clubs in Bangkok.  The place is worth paying a visit just to take pictures of the space-ship like building inside and to dance the night away to great music.  Alternatively there are beach bars and clubs along the coastlines; you can dine in any one of these then sip your drinks whilst watching the sky transform from a picturesque sunset to stunning starry backdrop lighting up the sky, amongst a friendly atmosphere.   


You will be pleased to know that most of the food is cheap in most parts of Thailand, especially as Thai food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines.   However if you fancy something different, Thailand’s many restaurants will satisfy your hunger.  They offer a wealth of culinary expertise with food from almost every part of the world. 

The popular Fame restaurant is an expensive way to experience the best of Thai or other world cuisines.  Their menu varies from western breakfasts to Thai stir-fries.  You can also purchase tickets here for local things to do like ferry riding.  It doesn’t take much to dine in a cheap and cheerful atmosphere in Thailand.   


Next to the culture of Thailand, probably the most enticing aspect of travelling here is the budget for accommodation.  Rest assured that the country is well equipped for those budgets but it is worth looking around in advance so you can get the best accommodation for your money.  Most parts of Thailand offer guest houses and low-cost hotels as well decent hostels.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find cheap and clean budget accommodation particularly found in the cities and towns.    

Round up

Thailand is a fantastic land to explore so there’s no doubt why it’s such a popular tourist destination.  With these attributes you can have the time of your life and still have money left over; perfect all around. 

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