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A Guide to Study Medicine in Belize

Posted: 10th April 2019 11:58

Many people won’t have heard of the small country of Belize, especially students who will be surprised to hear of its underrated potential when it comes to being a place to study.  Situated between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language this initially makes it a great universal place to study.  Students who understand English will fit right in here or if you don’t know any English at all then Belize is definitely the best place to learn.

With a large number of Spanish ethnicities, Spanish is the second commonly used language in Belize. With free Spanish language courses on offer you can learn to read, write and speak Spanish like a local.  This is encouraged by the neighbouring Spanish-speaking countries’ governments in case you choose to cross the border and venture into Mexico and Guatemala.  After all it is the second most widely spoken language in the world so it can’t hurt to brush up on your language skills.

Belize attracts students from oversees: Europe and Asia looking to study medical education.  This academic programme is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Medicine Education Directory (IMED) of Medical Schools, hence why it is a well-sought after course to study if looking to pursue a career in Medicine. 

The great thing about Belize is its convenient location.  By air travel, you can travel to the US mainland to popular destinations like Miami and LA in a matter of hours or you may prefer to take visit the beautiful Caribbean to take a break from studying. 

For a small country, Belize boasts historical Mayan ruins, an impressive barrier reef, wildlife reserves and safe waters for various water activities like snorkelling, scuba-diving, kayaking and fishing, so there is plenty to see and do when you’re free from studying. 

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