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Your Complete Delhi City Guide

Posted: 13th August 2015 08:29

Delhi epitomises modern India; a bewildering mixture of cultures, crowds that make Saturday shopping back home look like a stroll along a deserted beach, and architecture that ranges from the grand to the depressing.  The city became India’s capital in 1931 and the British rulers set about turning New Delhi into the heart of the country.  It is filled with grand palaces, imposing administrative buildings and, despite its name, some stunning ancient sites – the whole of Delhi is littered with ancient temples and abandoned ruins that sit side by side with modern developments.  Old Delhi betrays the city’s Mughal past, and is filled with even more grand palaces, traditional bazaars and huge temples, and beyond that are countless more districts just waiting to be explored. 

Where to Stay

The Madpackers Hostelis a modern hostel in New Delhi that is perfect for first time travellers.  Tucked just out of the tourist centre it is a relaxed and laidback place where you can meet other travellers and provides all the facilities you could possibly want; free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, a laundry service, and a 24 hour reception with friendly staff that are more than happy to help.

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