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Turkey Watersports

Posted: 22nd April 2014 14:24

Turkey benefits from being the crossroads of Europe and Asia.  It is surrounded by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and Aegean and Marmara seas making it a haven for water sports.  Turkey is simply implores its visitors to explore the seas of magnificently unique regions. 


Coast along the Aegean or Mediterranean which both offer exquisite spots and excellent winds which offer plenty of opportunity for you to bask in the glorious surroundings.  Bursa, Izmir, MuÄŸla and Adana are some of the coastal provinces popular for their strong winds.  Organised tours on boat are by far the most dramatic way to see this stretch of coastline.  Skimming through the crystal waters aboard a traditional wooden yacht allows you to party until you don’t know your port from your starboard.


Trying to master rivers such as Manavgat in Antalya province, Firtina in Rize and Çoruh River in Artvin province is great activity to do with your amte, whether you are rafting enthusiasts or not.  Embarking on a rafting adventure and revelling in the foaming waters as you admire the panorama of canyons.

Underwater Diving

Turkey stands out for its diving centres in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, it is a chance to explore the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the seas. 

Numerous diving centres with their experienced teams open a door to a whole new world where you can experience a different dimension of freedom.   Thanks to the wealth of fish species, coral reefs, wrecks and all other underwater beauties that are waiting to be discovered – this a great place to dive.  Great diving destinations include KaÅŸ in Anatlya province, ÇeÅŸme in Izmir province and Bodrum in addition to Fethiye in MuÄŸla province.


Several locations along Turkey's Aegean coast are particularly good because of the configuration of their bays and islands, and the facilities have only improved over the years for windsurfers.  Some particularly good spots for windsurfing are at the windy coasts of the Marmara and Aegean seas.  Alacati and Marmaris are among the most popular Aegean coasts where windsurfers can enjoy the adrenaline-filled ride on the surfboard.

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