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The U Experience Brings A New Platform

Posted: 6th October 2020 12:09

The U Experience, the innovative new company offering students a safe, contained, and fun way to experience college during the pandemic, today announced that it will launch its first campus in time for the Spring 2021 Semester. The U Experience creates a self-contained environment for college students to study, socialize, and continue making progress toward their degree alongside peers from top universities across the country. The U Experience is creating an environment similar to the NBA Bubble at Walt Disney World by converting hotels into campus communities for remote college students. This innovation delivers a much-needed solution for students, parents, and the hospitality industry, all of whom find themselves challenged by the effects of COVID-19.

The U Experience generated a considerable amount of interest this summer when they first announced their plan to unbundle the college experience. To give students and parents adequate time to prepare for the program, The U Experience decided to start its inaugural class of 150 students in the spring semester, with a limited number of enrollment spaces available today.

To provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone inside the bubble, The U Experience has worked closely with COVID testing professionals and epidemiologists to develop a custom COVID containment, testing, and contact-tracing protocol. On their website, The U Experience has published its complete COVID policy, along with a comprehensive handbook, which outlines the campus safety guidelines and student code of conduct.

"There is no question that the college experience is changing rapidly this school year for students across the country, and these changes have left millions of students stranded and disconnected," says The U Experience Co-Founder & CEO, Lane Russell. "Participation in The U Experience is a membership to a safe, contained, and vibrant community, where students will have access to a packed schedule of fun group events—including social mixers, rec sports, student clubs, and a TEDx-styled guest speaker series."

While millions of college-age students find themselves isolated at home, those attending The U Experience will expand their networks of college friends as they meet students from diverse backgrounds and different universities. Each student will have their own private hotel room and bathroom, with access to a pool, a gym, expansive study spaces, and an on-site restaurant and bar. Think "Semester at Sea" or study abroad but at a resort campus—where universities provide the online classes, and The U Experience takes care of everything else.

About The U Experience

Founded in 2020 by a group of Princeton graduates, The U Experience is a Los Angeles based company bringing currently enrolled university students together on a single campus, to create a community for young adults whose courses have moved online. With safety in mind, The U Experience is creating a "bubble" where its members can come to live out the college experience with total peace of mind.

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