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The Romantic Getaway

By Kimberly Bond

Posted: 12th February 2013 16:51

By Kimberly Bond

Whilst Valentine’s Day might be around the corner once again, there are many other times of the year when you and your partner can choose to celebrate your love for each other by jetting off to a romantic holiday destination.  Whether it is your first couple’s holiday alone or you’re looking to propose to your loved one, preparation is the key. Here are our choices for your ultimate romantic getaway.

The First Holiday – Budapest, Hungary

You’ve been together since University and now you’re ready to take the next step with an escape abroad. Budapest is a perfect place for a couple’s first proper holiday together. For your accommodation you could splash out on 5* luxury or take advantage of the city’s many budget hotels.  Once you arrive you can dine in one of the many romantic restaurants, such as those down by the river Danube. Many serve Hungarian-International cuisine which means it will suit everybody.

Whether you are on holiday for the weekend or a week, you’ll want something to do which will make your ‘couple time’ special. You could visit the castle District, which is home to the Festival of folk arts in August and International Wine and Champagne festival in September. There are also the famous Thermal baths which include the older Turkish baths as well as the newer 19-20th century baths. These are famous for their healing properties. No holiday will be complete (at least for her!) without a spot of shopping and the pedestrianised Vaci street is the perfect place to do it, as it has a number of boutiques, wine shops and other unique units.

The Weekend City Getaway – Dublin, Northern Ireland

When you think of the big city, you probably aren’t going to think about Northern Ireland. And yet if you are looking for a romantic weekend for two or just a break for the both of you from work (and being a fully-fledged grown up!), Dublin is the perfect place to visit. With the mysterious Irish folklore, a penchant for drinking and lots of places to visit (for free!) there is no reason not to go.

As in most cities, the hotels range from Luxury to Budget, and most of them are in walking distance of the heart of the city. Dublin also benefits from having a tram service which runs regularly throughout the day, and makes travelling that little bit quicker!

The Irish are famous for both those little mystical creatures called Leprechauns and the love of drinking pints of Guinness. During your visit to Dublin, you can learn more about both (and be entertained) as there is both a National Leprechaun Museum and a Guinness Factory. The museum claims to be ‘the first ever attraction dedicated to Irish Mythology’, and is fully interactive; you can even visit the end of the rainbow, to see if the pot of gold is really there!

The Guinness factory or Guinness Storehouse is also a must-do, (for the men at least) as it is 7 floors of interactivity, as you learn the history of Guinness and why it is such a worldwide brand. You can watch it being brewed, pour yourself a perfect pint, and then visit the Guinness retail store (be sure to leave enough room in your hand luggage!)

If you want to end your perfect weekend getaway with an intimate meal and drinks, there are many restaurants around the city which you will enjoy. You will want to head to Temple Bar, which hosts many bars and restaurants perfect for a night out, as well as unusual shops and boutiques and creative projects such as the Irish Film Centre (IFC) and several art galleries.  

The Adventure – India

If you are after a lifetime of romantic memories or looking to spice up your love life, why not go on a wild adventure with your loved one in India. From the vast array of people, the monuments and ancient buildings to the amazing safari with exotic and rare animals this country will be a captivating adventure for you both. You can go on one of many ‘Natural Habitat tours’ which allow to you explore the safari or Wildlife parks by jeep (just like in the movies!) or by Elephant back, which is not a chance you should miss (and is perfect for that ‘I love you’ moment).  Watch the Bengal Tigers and discover Rhino in their natural habitat before staying in lodges or camping out in the wild.

Or you could go for the luxury trip and discover the wonderful history of India, from the magnificent Taj Mahal to the Buddhist caves just outside the city of Aurangabad. Wherever you choose to go in this magnificent country, the cuisine is always full of rich flavours, spices and delicious smells. Sample the street food or restaurant delicacies and curries, or even the simplest of meals: roti chai (bread and tea). India is certainly a place you will never forget and will want to come back to again and again.

The Island – Turtle Island, Fiji

If you have been together for a few years and had the chance to save up, you might be looking for that ultimate romantic getaway- and this is it. Think of the gorgeous blue sea to match the cloudless sky, a soft sandy beach and a perfect villa hidden away under the trees. And most of all imagine it was a practically deserted Island, with only a few other couples ever wandering the sands or sampling the delicious, all-inclusive food available. If that sounds like paradise, you should head to Turtle Island in Fiji, because that can become a reality.

Turtle Island is an ‘exclusive’ resort; it is part of the Yasawa Islands but privately owned and although it might cost a few (!) pennies it will be worth it. The Island has a rich history and it has been developed into something magnificent. You could have your own private beach, go scuba diving in the clear waters or have a soothing massage. As it is all-inclusive, your meals are served to you, and all you have to worry about is your tan!  This is truly an ultimate getaway for couples, perfect to go to before starting a new job and landing firmly back in reality.

The Proposal – Iguaçu Falls (Brazil/Argentina)

If you are looking for that perfect destination to pop the question, by a waterfall is the perfect romantic place to do it, so why not do it in front of one that spans an incredible 2km across (4x the width of Niagara). Famous for making Eleanor Roosevelt say ‘Poor Niagara’ when she visited, Iguacu Falls on the Brazil/Argentina border is listed as one of the Natural Wonders of the World.  The Falls are part of a tropical/Jungle environment which is surrounded by both Brazilian and Argentinean National Parks. It is made up of 275 individual cascades of water, and there are several walkways to take perfect photographs.

If you going to the falls, you should plan at least two days to truly take in the magnificent sights. Both countries offer guided tours and accommodation on either side of the river, so it is easy to get to. From Argentina you can see two-thirds of the falls thundering into the Iguaçu River, and you can walk through the National Park or follow jungle trails. Brazil sees a beautiful panoramic view of the falls and you can take a helicopter ride out over the water. There are also boat trips out so you can get that perfect view from in the river itself.

The best light for photographs is in the morning - so maybe start the day off with some photos and then take the chance to pop the question to the love of your life. It will be the start of something amazing – and a trip you will never forget. 

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