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The Best Places To Visit For Mature Students

Posted: 28th May 2019 08:21

If your college life is starting to feel monotonous, it’s probably because you’re missing the most enlivening experiences in life. Studying abroad can turn around your lackluster college career and give you some of the most unforgettable moments. However, this can be expensive, and those of us without the financial means can feel locked out of the adventure. Nonetheless, studying shouldn’t impede traveling abroad.

Here are the top five places for mature students to visit while on a budget.

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The huge North American nation is popular for its natural diversity and rich cultural values. As such, Mexico is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its iconic food culture, Caribbean beaches, and Aztec ruins attract millions of visitors every year.

Whether you make your way to see the natural wonders in Oaxaca or to the lush jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula, your vacation in Mexico won’t break your bank. Most backpackers can enjoy the nation’s beauty for as little as $30 per day, though a few factors may influence the cost.


Home to the ancient Buddhist holy site of Angor Wat, Cambodia is every budget traveler’s dream. The country boasts of friendly locals and beautiful beaches that will excite any mature student looking for an adventure.

From Buddhist monuments and historical remains of Cambodia’s grim past to the Sihanoukville beaches, this South East nation has something for everyone. Sadly, the country remains poor, and your tourist dollars will help boost the economy.


As an intrepid traveler, India is the destination of choice. The country has everything from tropical beaches to snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas. It’s one of the nations that consume the lowest amount of meat, making it a veritable paradise for vegetarians and Muslims alike.

Though you’re not likely to find a super-yacht like the Pershing 92 in India, eating local cuisines and using the local transport will cost you around $20 per day.


If you’ve watched both Mamma Mia films, then we don’t need to tell you why Greece is worth visiting. The country offers dazzlingly beautiful islands and a fascinating history that will give great stories to take home. Additionally, the country boasts of world-class archeological sites that will fascinate any historian or archeology student.

The delicious local cuisines in Greece keep things inexpensive, while its national rail services offer cheap overland travel from point A to B. You can spend your time here dabbling in watercolor or honing your creative writing skills at the Aegean Center.


Famous for its fascinating history and fresh cuisines, Vietnam receives millions of tourists every year. The Vietnamese government reports that over 1 million visitors arrived in the South East Asia nation in May 2018 alone.

As a well-established tourist destination, there’s a raft of fabulous budget options for any mature student or backpacker. You can easily walk down the street to chow down on the country’s favorites like pho (beef noodle soup) or Banh mi for just a couple of dollars. The accommodation and transport also comes a very affordable price, lower than in major cities like Paris or New York.

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