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Perth’s Hipster Hideouts

Posted: 4th August 2015 08:16

It takes over three hours to fly to Perth, Australia, or days to drive there through desert – lots of desert.  This isolation once meant that Perth was considered a cultural backwater, cut off from the artistic heartlands of Melbourne and Sydney, but now it is the rest of Australia that is playing catch-up.  Seemingly, local Perthians finally decided that it was time to drag the city into the 21st Century and they did so with gusto, erecting themselves some swanky new bars and chill out zones to go with the newly acquired mindset.  It is a shame then that not everyone can enjoy what Perth has to offer – the famously expensive city is still sadly off limits to shoestring travellers.  Those able to stretch a little however will find it too good to miss, and the rise of Perth’s hipster scene has welcomed plenty of less-than-bankrupting hangouts to the streets too.

Toastface Grillah

The recently opened Toastface Grillah is one of Perth’s new businesses that are involved in proactively reactivating previously disused areas of the city.  Many formerly run down laneways and side streets in the city have seen a huge surge of activity since the recent licensing laws reforms, and Toastface Grillah is tucked away in one of these alleys, just off the city’s main drag.  The hip café provides a unique experience for patrons: gourmet toasties (or toasted sandwiches with gourmet fillings).  Customers can sit outside and watch the rest of the city rush past or just meet friends for a coffee and a chat.  The chilled out vibe of the place means it is easy to forget that the busy city is literally just steps away.

Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall

With an all-American feel to the menu, Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall is a comfortable, convenient and somewhat quirky place you can grab a coffee and get a haircut at the same time.  Needless to say the uniqueness of the business means that it is frequented by the hip posse, who drift in and out between haircuts - looking cool - just for coffee or breakfast or both.  The location of Uncle Joe’s also means it is a favourite place of the corporate crowd as well.  The speciality coffees and much acclaimed breakfasts are something of a legend in the city and it isn’t uncommon to find a random office junior, slightly confused at doing the tea run to Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall.

The Flying Scotsman

This Perth venue, located in the Mount Lawley area of the city, is a favourite casual haunt of Perth’s 20-something-crowd, and the 30-something-crowd and the...  well, you get the picture – it’s a very popular venue for many of the city’s residents.  With a $10 pizza and pint deal on a Sunday The Flying Scotsman is a great place to hang out with your mates, nurse your hangovers together or just catch-up.  The pub has friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere although it can get busy later in the afternoons or when the pub has special deal nights on.  Whether it’s afternoon drinks or an evening of dancing you’re looking for, The Flying Scotsman is perfect.

Hang Out Bar N Café

The recently opened Hang Out Bar N Café is already well known for the homemade burgers and hand cut chips it serves.  It is a great place to meet friends in the day – you can sit on the comfortable couches, sip coffee and put the world to rights – or you can convene at the bar for expertly made cocktails in the evening.  The menu caters for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and those who are just picky eaters, but without charging extra for the privilege.  Order tapas as your group gradually gathers, rather than waiting for the last person to arrive before eating, or simply take in the atmosphere, kick back with a coffee along and engage in a spot of people watching. 

Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub

This pub was designed and constructed in Ireland by Irish architects.  The building, made entirely from Irish materials, was then dismantled, shipped to Perth, and reassembled, making it the only genuine Irish pub in Perth.  Reputed to serve the best steak in the city, Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub combines good food, friendly service and great value.  The friendly pub atmosphere and reasonable prices make it a top choice for locals and tourists alike.  The venue has three main areas, each representing its Irish history and culture.  It is an ideal place to meet for drinks before heading into town or to stay all night.

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