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Melbourne’s Food Scene

Posted: 2nd June 2015 11:34

Take a portion of Australia, slowly pour in a few cups of cultural exchange from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, gently simmer for a few centuries and you have yourself your very own culinary centre. This is exactly what happened in Melbourne, Australia’s coolest city and the epicentre of its growing culinary scene.  It is home to countless hipster chic hideouts that would make Shoreditch hang its head in shame, each serving food so good that Paris would blush, and at prices that will make any traveller smile from ear to ear.  It’s not that Melbourne is cheap as much as it is varied; it has more than its fair share of ostentatious haute cuisine restaurants that could wipe out the best part of a student loan in a single meal, but it also has enough budget restaurants to keep you fed for months on end without ever eating at the same place twice and some great food trucks that roll up to many of the city’s hippest events.  Variety is the watchword when it comes to food too, with everything from Mexican food to tapas to Thai food to be found in the rooftop restaurants and basement bars up and down the city.  The most popular hipster eateries command a cult following, and the waiting times endured at some have even earned them their very own Downfall meme – the height of internet acclaim – but there are also plenty of fantastic places to instantly grab a table and chow down on some delicious grub.  Happy eating!

Carlton Curry House

The Carlton Curry House is the place to experience the best of Australia’s Indian and Burmese dishes.  For travellers with dietary requirements (or those who are just picky eaters) this is the place to be, allowing you to customise your meal.  Choose vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, halal or low calorie dishes from red hot robust curries to mild and flavoursome dishes.

Frying Colours

Frying Colours is Kensington’s favourite ‘Korean Eating Place’, with a stylish interior and authentic Korean fare.  Korea’s deep love affair with fried chicken is realised with a menu of several heats, spices and flavours alongside traditional dumplings and wasabi dishes that show the confidence and passion of Frying Colours’ owner and head chef Min Hui.


MoVida celebrates a rich heritage of Spanish cuisine with tapas that takes on bold and brave new direction thanks to a mixture of traditional and innovative new ingredients, recommended by the Australian Consul General for Spain himself.  Favourite dishes include the beef cheeks with cauliflower puree and the jamon iberico which is an absolute must.

Gumbo Kitchen

Gumbo Kitchen brings New Orleans soul food to the streets of Melbourne.  The constantly changing menu regularly features southern favourites like Po’ Boy subs and warming comfort food, accompanied by brass band jazz and swing pouring from the speakers.  Follow the van on Twitter to see where it is nowand grab a taste of New Orleans for yourself.

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