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Life as a Foreign Student in China

Posted: 2nd March 2016 08:10

As Mandarin Chinese is gaining more importance than ever in the world, more people are looking to learn the language to remain competitive in the job market. An increasing number of state and independent schools in the UK and worldwide have included Mandarin Chinese in their curriculum, yet the best place to learn is still in China. Not only will you be able to practice your Mandarin Chinese in real settings, you will also fully experience authentic Chinese cultures and traditions that otherwise can only be read in books or seen on TV.

If you have been dreaming of studying abroad in China but need a little nudge to make that final decision, perhaps an insight into life as a student at one of the best and oldest Chinese language schools, That’s Mandarin, in China might provide the answer. That’s Mandarin has taught over 3000 students each year, helping each one to realize their language goal in the past 10 years. They provide a full high-quality service from picking you up at the airport to helping you settle in at your new accommodation, making your first week as easy as possible.

Daily Life

As an Intensive Chinese Program student at That’s Mandarin, everyday you attend Chinese language lessons in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. You then have the rest of the day free to arrange your own activities or join a local event. Usually the school will have some cultural events that are meant to enrich your Chinese experience, such as paper cutting, calligraphy, walking tours, etc. In the evening, you can hit the bars in town to get a feel of the night life. During the weekends, you can visit the nearby water towns or join the locals for TaiQi in the park.

Friendship and Social Life

This is perhaps the most worrying factor for most people about studying abroad. The thought of moving to a foreign land without knowing anyone can be daunting. When you move to China, you will meet other foreigners who were in the same shoes as you, alone and friendless when they first arrived. Because of this, everyone tends to be more sociable and open to making new friends. The transient life of expats also means you often have to attend farewell parties but also constantly make new friends.

If you are looking for a more ‘stable’ friendship, the local Chinese people are friendly and welcoming towards foreigners. Their desire to practice English and to meet globally-minded people like yourself means they are more than willing to befriend you and show you their culture. They are eager to show you how to eat at a hotpot restaurant or sing at a KTV. With local friends, you don’t have to worry about farewells unless it is you who are leaving.


In big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, it’s easy to find just about any cuisine you might crave for. That means you never have to worry about missing your hometown food. But since you are in China, you can explore more authentic Chinese dishes which are starkly different from those found in Chinatowns overseas. Some of the top favourites among expats are Yunnan, Xinjiang and Sichuan cuisines. That’s Mandarin also has experienced teachers who will not only give you the best Mandarin learning experience but also teach you how to make your favourite Chinese dishes.


For more information about learning Chinese in China, visit

You can find out more about their various Chinese study programs, the costs and see testimonials about the school.

To sign up for a free trial class on That’s Mandarin’s website, click here.


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