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Honduras Bay Islands

Simon Fisher

Posted: 18th June 2015 09:45

Simon Fisher

A collection of tropical paradise islands with a relaxed, almost Caribbean vibe and some of the best diving spots in the world, it is not surprising that the Bay Islands are Honduras’ most popular attraction.  The biggest and most popular island is Roatán, with stunning beaches and a gentrified feel that lends itself to family friendly resorts and cruise ship day trips.  There are still some small traditional villages to explore, and active adventurers will enjoy the zip line tour excursion of the island, but accommodation tends to be uncharacteristically expensive for Honduras, and before long backpackers will begin to find the island a little tame.

Luckily the islands of Utila and Guanaja offer a change of pace and a more budget friendly travel experience.  Utila in particular is known for its relaxed backpacker vibes, with an undeveloped interior to explore and chilled out beach parties epitomised by Sun Jam, an all day, all night party held every August.  Its greatest claim to fame is the diving that lies just off the shore, with reefs home to schools of energetic fish, exotic sea turtles, multi coloured coral and placid whale sharks.  Guanaja, the easternmost island, offers a laidback, secluded Caribbean experience, which explains why it is so popular with tourists seeking privacy.  Blanketed by a dense Caribbean pinewood, 90% of the island is a designated forest reserve.  Its main settlements are Savannah Bight and Mangrove Bight and diving in the area is distinctly adventurous, characterised by lava tunnels and shipwrecks.  

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