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Fiji’s Best Beaches

Posted: 7th August 2015 08:21

Fiji is made up of over 330 islands, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of beaches to keep travellers happy.  The iconic image of golden sands bordered by azure blue waters has been splashed across travel magazine covers again and again, and yet it is still worth reiterating just how stunning they are in person.  You can’t really go wrong with a Fijian beach but some are definitely better than others – here are our top four.

Mamanuca Islands

The Mananuca’s are a chain of 20 islands which offer beautiful views coupled with a variety of activities.  This group of islands offer some of the best resorts in Fiji in places remote enough to be part of a TV reality show.  However, you definitely won’t feel like a castaway here, with parasailing, windsurfing, dolphin watching and some big dives to keep you entertained.  Alternatively you can take to the skies for a scenic helicopter tour of the attractive isles.

Yawasa Islands

The quaint and stunning Yawasa Islands are next up.  The islands have no shops, banks or medical services but provide a wonderful break from civilisation and are perfect for backpackers, with plenty of budget resorts dotted around the islands.  What the island lacks in services it makes up for in splendour; the views from the beaches are amazing, looking out onto the water with the odd surrounding island in the distance.  To keep yourself occupied, if you need to be, you can get involved in snorkelling, kayaking or experience the islands from on board a floating hotel.


Beqa, or the Pacific Harbour, is the place to be for Adrenaline junkies; a beach where you can do literally anything sea based.  It has everything from jet skiing to an Arts Village with shark feeding dives and sea fishing in between.  Beqa is located an hour’s drive away from the capital Suva meaning it is a lot easier to access than others and offers much more accommodation at a wide range of prices, from bures (wood and straw huts) to high end hotels in case you feel like treating yourself.


Kadavu is the island to explore if you want traditional Fijian culture.  This pristine island is complete with rainforests, guided sea kayak tours and the Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth largest barrier reef in the world, perfect for dive trips.  Measuring around 100 kilometres it allows you to swim with a wide range of fish life as well as manoeuvre through ship wrecks.  Navigating the island may not be the easiest but it does have plenty of accommodation and its rustic charms make it a great place for any backpackers interested in exploring at a slower pace of life.

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