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Camping in America

Posted: 24th March 2016 08:44


These are the best years of your life so give your Summer that ‘umph’ it needs by volunteering at Summer Camps in the land of dreams and where all your desires can be achieved, America.  This is a fantastic and rewarding way to make a huge positive difference to a wonderful ranger of communities.  These amazing and highly rewarding opportunities combine volunteering with camping and take them to a whole new exciting level.

La Calonia Park, San Diago

Make a difference to children’s lives.  Each year, Kids Korps offers young people an opportunity to work through a series of week-long volunteer camps.  Volunteers get the chance to learn about a selected community needs, then participate in a service project with local non-profit organisations that address these needs.  Learn the value of mentoring to younger children and work with like minded people. 

During your time off you can experience the fantastic scenery and tourist attractions like San Diago Zoo.  San Diago is a place where blue skies reach over 70 miles of majestic coastline, a gentle warm climate and friendly locals in a diverse vibrant atmosphere create a unique welcoming vibe. 

Green Camp

Take care of the world you live in by making it a healthier place to live at Green Camp, with Kids Korp.  Along with an introduction to a variety of community issue subjects including animals, food and shelter, you will get a hands on experience on in depth environmental issues.  Learn how to save water, be a hero to animals as you restore and preserve their natural habitats.  Discover the amazing techniques of recycling that take one used material and turn it into another.  For instance how aluminium cans be used to build an aeroplane and how to take energy from the sun to power electricity in homes.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get closer to nature and experience the beauty of your world and make it even more spectacular. 

Camp America Sports Jobs

Got a big passion for wild sports like: waterskiing, kayaking and windsurfing? Or do you love to play regular sports such as tennis, gold, football and fencing? Camp America’s summer camps give an exciting opportunity to share your knowledge and passion of the sport you love.  Even if you have a basic knowledge of the sport, you’ll have the time of your life as youngsters look up to you.  Training will be given at the camps and you will receive a warm and friendly welcome with a cosy place to sleep at night. 

Behind The Scenes Staff

If your thinking of moving into hospitality, tourism or just want to volunteer in camps, Camp America  give fantastic and rewarding opportunities to test the industry whilst putting your skills to good use and travel America-the land of dreams.  There are always opportunities to work behind the scenes at camps. 

In the gorgeous American weather, be a grounds keeper of a beautiful gold course, join a friendly family as their housekeeper or work in the exciting world of cooking.   Whichever job you go for, you’ll be able to use the brilliant facilities, make new friends and get fitter. 

Private Residential Camps

Do you want to experience a camp with true American style? Volunteer at a privately owned camp to work with children who are full of the beauties life has to offer, and from high/ middle class families.  These camps are highly fun and relaxing as you can play games or teach the kids something new.  Let your inner natural side come out as you explore the wonders natural woodlands have to boast.  The secure cabins and platform tents are lavishly equipped to make you feel a home whilst emphasising the back-to-nature element of camping. 

Each trip lasts from several weeks to several months and it’s so simple to get your visa sorted.  Whichever camp and job your heart takes you to, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life, bring back a camera filled with memories and feel extremely satisfied knowing you’ve made yours and another person’s life better. 

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