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Amazing Cinema Spots

By Josh Hill

Posted: 10th April 2015 14:28

By Josh Hill

Route 66 Drive-in Cinema
Trafford, Manchester
£18 per car

A British spin off of the popular American drive-in cinema, Route 66 is the first and only of its kind in the UK.  Although there have been drive-in cinema events in the UK, this is the only one to remain a permanent fixture. 

Route 66 will have its friendly staff deliver hot food to you in the comfort of your car whilst you listen to the film, which will be tuned up to your own personal fm radio.  The only issue is that Britain doesn’t exactly have the year round weather for drive-in cinema viewing, so we’d recommend some blankets and a hat. 

The Electric Cinema
City Centre, Birmingham
Standard/Sofa seat £7.40/£13.50

The Electric Cinema opened its doors in 1909 making it the UK’s oldest working cinema.  The facility showcases a combination of contemporary, classic, independent and foreign releases and stages themed holiday events. 

The cinema offers a selection of speciality sofa seating and boasts a wide selection of spirits, liqueurs, hot beverages and cakes.  The venue is also one of the only venues in the country to serve Parisian absinthe using a traditional fountain.  To ensure you don’t miss any of the film, the bar offers a text service which will alert one of the lovely staff of your order and they will deliver it to your seat. 

Broadway Cinema
Hockley, Nottingham
Standard seat £7.70

Centred in the hub of some of Nottingham’s best, independent bars the Broadway Cinema is by no means overshadowed.  The onsite café-bar spreads on to a large outside terrace and serves a selection of delicious locally sourced dishes; by day it houses coffee lovers and their laptops and the evening brings along real ale drinkers to sample an ever-changing selection of locally brewed ale.   

There isn’t a genre of film that they don’t show, but if still can’t find one you want, you can book out a room and pick your own movie.  The cinema also offers a diversity of educational courses which relate to the film industry. 

Charlie Chaplin Walk, London
Standard: £20.20

Situated on a roundabout opposite London’s Waterloo station lies the largest cinema screen in England.  At over 20 metres high, the screen is nearly equivalent to the size of five double Decker busses piled on top of each other.  There is only one screen, but when you have one that big who needs another one; besides, the auditorium is equipped to hold up to 498 people at a time. 

There is a Costa Coffee and a licensed bar on the premises and you are permitted to bring you drinks and snacks with you into the showing.   

Secret Cinema
Secret location, London
It’s a secret

If you are getting bored of the run of the mill popcorn and nachos set-up then this may be more up your street.  Sign up for the Secret Cinema mailing list and become a member of the cinema elite.  Participants gather at secret locations, which are disclosed privately via email, dress up according to theme and await the unveiling of the secret film. 

The events are not solely focused on the film but rather the large scale cultural experience surrounding it.  The audience are encouraged to immerse themselves in the narrative and in essence, become a part of the film themselves. 

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