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Studying in Costa Rica

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 09:34

In addition to Spain and Mexico, Costa Rica ranks highly on the list of potential study abroad destinations for students of Spanish.  The country is famous for its lack of a standing army, its general acceptance of foreigners (it’s a popular place for expats to retire), and its plethora of ecotourism opportunities.  Oh, and if you’re cultivating a burgeoning addiction to coffee, you can’t go wrong in Costa Rica. 

With a half a billion speakers in over twenty countries, Spanish is one of the principal languages of the world.   Academia De Espanol D’Amore is a quality educational institution created to facilitate the learning of Spanish, at Manuel Antonio, Quepos, one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.   They incorporate the total Spanish Immersion process of education to ensure the most efficient learning experience possible.

San José is known to be the biggest cosmopolitan city in Central America.  The city is packed with modern lifestyles in a vibrant environment yet still has fascinating traces of its history.   The markets are vibrant and the nightlife is as sophisticated (or debaucherous) as you want it to be.  San José is home numerous museums and there are a few neighbourhoods where colonial styling still radiates.

Being on the edge, Costa Rica is filled with activities just waiting for you to get involved in, during your spare time.  Discover the beautiful Buena Vista Rainforest, indulge in numerous water sports or simply study on the beach as you soak up the sensational atmosphere. 

Depending on your course and location varies from 2,000 bucks to just over 8,000 and the living costs about 1,500 per month. 

From a traveller’s perspective, Costa Rica has the added benefit of being in a cheaper part of the world to visit than the more popular study abroad locations in Europe.  And from a student’s perspective, if you’re studying anything related to nature you may think you’ve died and gone to heaven by studying in Costa Rica.  Unless, of course, there are no final exams in your version of heaven

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