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Rebellion Festival

The Damned - Boomtown Rats - Less Than Jake

Posted: 4th August 2015 08:23

6 – 9 August - Winter Gardens, Blackpool - Weekend Ticket Prices £150

Blackpool’s indoor, all ages, punk show returns with a strong line-up of both the old and the new.  They say that punk was dead as soon as it was born, but nobody seems to have told the bands or fans that descend on this seaside resort year after year.  Just like Trigger’s broom in Only Fools and Horses (“…the same broom for 20 years, it’s only had 17 new heads and 14 new handles”) some of the bands may not have all of their original components, but they’ve retained their passion, energy and drive that has kept them going for so long, and they’ve come here to represent the spirit of ’77. 

Rebellion wouldn’t be the same without the infamous Max Splodge’s Bingo, literally a game of bingo albeit presented in a punk style.  For a massive dose of fun, head along to be entertained by Max’s comical anecdotes on subjects such as dating one half of a Siamese twin (the concealed half played a trumpet to alert him to her presence), and you might even win a prize, which usually range from sex toys to a dead tramps pillow (complete with cough stains) or items ‘permanently borrowed’ from his hotel room.

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