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Reading vs. Leeds

Posted: 18th August 2015 08:10

Despite sharing the same festival name and the same festival line-up, both Reading and Leeds have very distinct and unique characteristics. It is very much a battle of North vs. South and while we are not suggesting one is better than the other – we are suggesting that for certain individuals one could very well be better than the other.

Reading is better because…

Its city centre location means you’re closer to the pubs (cheap beer & breakfast at Weatherspoons), shops (get your clean clothes from Primark) and restaurants (Toby Carvery is literally round the corner) – as well as the luxury of clean toilets.

You can get a BOAT over to the camp site.

You have more chance of being on TV: BBC does all of their coverage of the events from Reading.

The Village area is larger, with more amenities.

Of the musical history – Reading Festival has been around since the 60s!

It’s further south, so you’re less likely to get rain (Slightly less likely. This is England after all!)

Appearances are everything! At Reading Festival you will find fellas in fashionable flatcaps with neatly trimmed facial hair while the ladies sport freshly applied make-up and recently straightened hair. It can rain all weekend and you will scarcely find a spec of mud on either sex.

It’s in Reading, so if you live in the south then you’ll find it easier to get to.

Leeds is better because…

Its location out ‘in the sticks’ gives it a true festival vibe – getting away from it all and partying it up in the countryside is part of the appeal.

The noise curfews aren’t as strict because of its rural location, so the parties can go on for longer.

Leeds Festival gets an exclusive stage with the Relentless Live Pyramid providing storming DJ sets and a constant flow of Relentless cocktails to keep you awake and partying into the night.

It has a five-a-side football tournament on the Thursday, before the festival gets going.

As there isn’t TV coverage here, you might find that the bands experiment with more of their new set lists.

The sound quality is better, supposedly. Perhaps because of Reading’s noise regulations?

Just get on with it! At Leeds Festival you will find revellers caked in mud and loving every minute of it. There are more important things in life to worry about so embrace the bedhead look!

It’s in Leeds, so if you live in the north then you’ll find it easier to get to.

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