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Bloodstock Open Air Festival

Rob Zombie – Within Temptation - Trivium

Posted: 5th August 2015 08:36

6 – 9 August - Catton Park, Derbyshire - Weekend Tickets from £142

With Sonisphere cancelled this year, BOA is looking like the only heavyweight contender as an alternative choice to Download for a big outdoor festival.  So what does Bloodstock 2015 have in store? The main stage has a whole host of well-established acts, many with hilariously indecipherable logos, covering everything from thrash, goth, grind, crust and epic death metal.  Armoured Saint return with their original (and ex-Anthrax) vocalist John Bush, Orange Goblin (who played at the very first BOA)will show why they are one of themost well respected, hard-working, riff monsters on the planet right now; and Raging Speedhorn have reformed too, and the world is frankly a better place because of that. 

Elsewhere, the Sophie Lancaster stage welcomes acts such as oddball heroes Lawnmower Deth (who split up in 1994, but nobody seems to have told them yet), much lauded doomsters Conan, Onslaught who are playing some of the best thrash of their long careers right now, and even a stand-up / spoken word appearance by Welsh maniac skateboarders and Dirty Sanchez alumni Pritchard and Dainton.

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